10 popular jobs in Sydney for UK citizens

By Robert Half on 23 February 2022
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If you’ve ever considered relocating to Australia, now could be the time to make it happen.

Australia and the UK recently linked a free trade agreement between both countries, making it easier for UK citizens to transfer their skills and qualifications to Australia. It coincides with the reopening of Australia’s borders for different visa categories in late 2021.

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With many employers struggling to find skilled professionals, there will be a number of jobs in Sydney for UK citizens with the right skills and qualifications.

Living in Sydney

Sydney’s reputation for a laidback lifestyle is well-deserved. The combination of a mild climate, a variety of homes and suburbs each with their own character, and a well-connected public transport system make Sydney one of the world’s most liveable cities.

As a highly multicultural city, Sydney offers an exciting selection of events, retail and entertainment venues, and a wealth of dining and recreation options – often with a focus on the great outdoors that allows Sydneysiders to make the most of the ‘sun, sea and sand’ lifestyle.

As a strategic Pacific hub, Sydney also attracts global brands. It is home to almost half (48%) the top 500 companies in Australia, and more than 280 multinational companies have offices in Sydney. This supports a dynamic job market, where experience gained overseas is often highly prized, and UK citizens can be rewarded both personally and professionally.

Top 10 jobs in Sydney for UK citizens

Australia is currently in the grip of a skills shortage. In late 2021, job vacancy rates were 46.5% higher than February 2020. A Robert Half survey found 51% of employers would like to close the skills gap by hiring additional full-time employees.

That’s great news for Brits planning to work in Sydney. But which roles are most in-demand for UK jobseekers?

Here are the top 10 jobs in Sydney for UK citizens.

1. Financial Accountant

As in many parts of Australia, Sydney is facing a serious shortage of financial accountants, and employer demand is outstripping the supply of professional talent.

Financial accountants arriving from the UK can have a valuable advantage in the Sydney job market owing to the similarities between the accounting standards that apply in Australia and the UK. This can make it easy for experienced accounting professionals to step straight into a role in Sydney, and start adding value from day one while gaining valuable international experience.

2. Assistant Accountant

The accounting function is critical to all businesses, and as companies in Sydney embrace the re-opening of the economy, many face a significant shortage of accounting talent.

Experienced assistant accountants arriving from the UK can find themselves spoilt for choice in Sydney’s job market, especially as skills gained in the UK are compatible with those required by local employers. This compatibility can also support career progression in Sydney’s thriving business community.

3. Accounting Clerk

The pandemic has made careful cash flow management essential for many Sydney companies, and this is driving demand for experienced accounting clerks, who can effectively manage and monitor creditor and debtor accounts.

Clerical skills gained in the UK can be readily transferred to Sydney, giving accounting clerks from the UK an advantage in the recruitment process. Moreover, Sydney’s tight labour market means accounting clerks can often pick and choose their roles across different industries and locations.

4. Accounts Payable Officer

The pandemic has seen many Sydney companies place renewed emphasis on strong management of the payables cycle. Experienced accounts payable officers with skills in prioritising and finalising payments while maintaining healthy relationships with suppliers and other payables, are in high demand.

Accounts payables officers with UK experience have the added advantage of familiarity with local accounting systems, which are often very similar to those of the UK.

5. Finance Manager

Strong financial management is particularly important in the current business climate, and many Sydney companies are seeking financial managers who can prepare forecasts and business activity reports, and renegotiate funding and finance arrangements to maximise use of the organisation’s financial resources.

In Sydney’s tight labour market, finance managers with UK experience are often keenly sought after, and skilled professionals are likely to have no difficulty finding a rewarding role that offers prospects for career progression.

6. Receptionist

Many Sydney companies are making a return to working from the office, and this is driving increased demand for skilled receptionists, who act as the first point of contacts for clients and other visitors.

Strong organisational and communication skills are required, and receptionists with a UK background are likely to find their skills are an ideal match for Australian companies. Candidates arriving from the UK often find they are able to secure a well-paid role in very little time, often with the ability to pick and choose between employers.

7. Data Entry

Sydney companies are rapidly embracing data as a key business asset, but the integrity of that data rests with data entry professionals. This has seen rising demand for skilled data entry professionals who can efficiently manage large amounts of information.

Candidates with UK data entry experience can have an advantage in Sydney’s employment market, as many of the database systems and software used by local companies are compatible with those of the UK.

8. Developer

Australia’s Federal Government is investing almost $1.2 billion in the nation’s Digital Economy Strategy, and a renewed push for digitisation across many sectors is driving demand for experienced developers with experience in creating, testing, and maintaining new software and applications.

In Sydney’s tight labour market, developers with UK experience can find companies will actively compete for their talent. It’s an exciting opportunity to be part of a growth profession, while helping Australia reach its goal of becoming a leading digital economy.

9. Administrator

As Sydney’s economy bounces back from COVID, talented administrative professionals play a key role supporting industries and companies as they navigate their way from one ‘new normal’ to another.

Companies in Sydney are hiring efficient and experienced administrators to organise, manage and support new normal working practices and ensure compliance. Administrators with UK experience are highly regarded across a variety of companies in Sydney – from start-ups to global brands.

10. Help Desk

Increasing digitisation, coupled with the need for many Sydney companies to deliver IT support to both office-based and remote workers, is seeing a surge in demand for help desk professionals.

Experience gained with UK systems is typically highly transferrable to Sydney, and this can give help desk experts the advantage of being able to choose the employer that offers a strong cultural fit.

If you’re considering a move ‘down under’ in 2022, have a look at the available jobs in Sydney for UK citizens. It’s an exciting opportunity to develop your skills and experience, while enjoying a whole new lifestyle.

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