10 in-demand jobs in Melbourne for UK citizens

By Robert Half on 14 February 2022
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Are you a qualified professional from the UK looking for jobs in Melbourne?

Australia has long been a popular destination for UK jobseekers looking for a change of lifestyle and career opportunities.

The recent signing of a free trade agreement between Australia and the UK is set to make it easier for Brits to transfer their skills and qualifications to Australia.

The timing of the agreement coincides with the reopening of Australia’s borders for different visa categories in late 2021. It also comes at a time when the nation faces a serious shortage of skilled professionals. Taken together this can spell ‘opportunity’ for UK citizens thinking of moving to Melbourne.

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So, if you’re looking for popular jobs in Melbourne for UK citizens, there will be a number of roles available to you.

Living in Melbourne

Melbourne is a highly multicultural city that has attracted people from over 140 cultures. This has created a vibrant mixing pot of residents who collectively shape the city’s unique character.

It’s a unique fusion of history, art and culture, with Melbourne boasting one of the best dining scenes across the world. In fact, Melbourne is globally recognised as one of the most concentrated dining and fashion cultures globally.

Yet the city is also extremely safe and is ranked the 8th safest city in the world by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).

These features may explain why Melbourne is also a major commercial hub. The city is the regional headquarters for global leaders such as Square, Alibaba and Judo Capital, and it is home to 13% of global digital marketplace unicorns.

Top 10 jobs in Melbourne for UK citizens

Like many Australian job markets, Melbourne is experiencing a serious shortage of professional talent.

As Nicole Gorton, Director of Robert Half puts it, “While there currently might be no shortage of job opportunities in the Australian professional sectors, there is most certainly a shortage of talent.”

That being the case, making the move to Melbourne has the potential to reignite your career while also providing the benefit of international skills and experience.

With the prospect of a quality, cosmopolitan lifestyle and a choice of rewarding roles, here are the top 10 jobs in Melbourne for UK citizens.

1. Accounting Clerk

Many companies in Melbourne are taking a closer look at their cash flow management and cost containment practices during the pandemic, and this is driving demand for experienced accounting clerks.

Clerical professionals who can manage and monitor creditor and debtor accounts, and review other operating costs are highly sought-after. Add in the similarity between accounting systems and practices in the UK and Australia, and accounting clerks arriving from the UK are well-placed to land an exciting and rewarding role in Melbourne.

2. Accountant

Accountants sit at the heart of a business, and as Melbourne companies navigate the re-opening of the economy, one of the biggest challenges they face is a shortage of accounting professionals.

Accountants from the UK have a valuable advantage in Melbourne’s job market, owing to the similarities between UK and Australian accounting systems, standards and qualifications. It lets UK accountants slide easily into a role in Melbourne, often with excellent prospects for career progression.

3. Accounts Payable Officer

The challenges of COVID-19 have seen many Melbourne companies place increased emphasis on the way creditors are managed as part of maintaining a healthy cashflow. This is driving demand for accounts payables officers who can complete payments while supporting healthy relationships with suppliers and other payables.

Experience gained in the UK can be highly regarded in Melbourne as it lets accounts payable officers bring a fresh set of eyes to an existing payables function, and identify ways the payments process could be improved.

4. Customer Service Officer

The pandemic has driven an uptick in demand for customer service officers across Melbourne as more Australians reach out to companies via phone or email for services. In addition, a number of industries including office supplies and sports equipment have experienced a boost in sales and enquiries in the past two years, further increasing demand for customer service officers.

Professionals arriving from the UK with strong communication and customers management skills are often prime job candidates as their skill-sets can be readily transferred to Melbourne’s busy commercial environment.

5. Financial Accountant

Melbourne – and indeed Australia more broadly – is facing a significant shortfall of financial accountants, driven partly by the lack of foreign talent available to employers over the past two years.

UK-based financial accountants will find considerable similarities between the accounting standards that apply in Australia and the UK, making UK professionals highly sought-after as they are able to make a valuable contribution with Melbourne employers from day one.

6. Administrator

Professional administrators play a vital role helping teams across Melbourne workplaces function smoothly and productively.

A growing number of businesses are making a return to a formal office environment, driving demand for administrators who can make the transition back to office life seamless. Moving to Melbourne can also be an opportunity for experienced administrators to broaden their skillset and add international experience to their resume.

7. Business Analyst

Many companies in Melbourne have had to recalibrate their business plans over the past two years, and this has driven significant demand for business analysts, who can evaluate past and current business data to support improved decision-making in today’s uncertain environment.

Overseas experience adds to the depth of a business analyst’s resume, and with many of the same issues facing companies globally, business analysts arriving from the UK are likely to find themselves in hot demand in Melbourne.

8. Receptionist

In Melbourne’s busy commercial environment, experienced receptionists play a key role as the first point of face-to-face contact with an organisation. While Australia has a reputation for a more relaxed working environment, a professional approach is still required, and receptionists with strong organisational skills are in high demand especially as teams make a return back to formal workplaces.

Skills gained in the UK are highly prized by Melbourne employers, and receptionists with outstanding communication and organisation skills are enjoyed strong demand in Melbourne.

9. Data Entry

Businesses across Melbourne are increasingly tapping into the power of data to build a competitive edge. This is driving demand for data entry professionals with high attention to detail and fast data entry speeds – often in roles that offer career progression.

For UK-based data entry professionals, it can be reassuring to learn that many of the systems used in Australia align closely with those in the UK, allowing candidates to move into a new role without delay.

10. Developer

The pandemic has accelerated digitisation across many sectors, and this is driving demand for developers experienced in creating, testing, and maintaining new computer software and applications.

With skilled talent in short supply, many of Melbourne’s large companies across several major industries, are actively competing for developers to enhance and deliver new products and services to customers, and increasing internal efficiency in the quest to stay competitive.

If a move ‘down under’ is on your wish list for 2022, now is the time to look at the available jobs in Melbourne for UK citizens. It could be the start of a new beginning that rewards your career as well as your lifestyle.

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