The most in-demand administrative roles in the Coronavirus employment market

By Robert Half on 27 July 2020

Coronavirus has impacted businesses in different ways. While some have had to completely close their doors until restrictions ease, others have seen entire workforces or business divisions scale up or down in response to rapidly changing economic trends.

As companies continue to readjust their resourcing needs as we all emerge from lockdown, talented administrative professionals will play a key role in supporting industries and companies as they navigate their way back from one new normal to another.

Here’s an overview of the top business support jobs currently in demand.

Customer Service

Customer service staff are in demand by many retailers adjusting to an exodus of customers from stores as they shift to online retail because of COVID-19. Key services are also experiencing a spike in activity because of the increase in remote working – such as telecommunications and internet companies – which means more customer service support is needed here, too.

Similarly, the current pandemic is also boosting sales and enquiries within specific industries, such as office equipment suppliers, sports equipment, and health products - again highlighting the increased demand for customer service support roles.

Meanwhile, as more people and businesses explore their financial options during these unusual times, banks and other financial institutions will also be looking to build robust customer service teams.


The demand for temporary administrative workers is strong in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic because these personnel are crucial to supporting sudden peaks in activity as businesses bounce back.

What’s more, as economic uncertainty is likely set to prevail for the foreseeable future, hiring temporary admin workers will be considered a safer alternative to hiring for permanent roles because they offer employers the flexibility and agility needed to navigate turbulent times.

HR Officer

Companies are continuing to reassess their resourcing needs for the foreseeable future as they respond to the economic impacts of Coronavirus. While HR professionals might be required to facilitate redundancies in some areas, they’re also essential for sourcing and onboarding new or additional skills as companies pivot their staffing strategies.

Consequently, HR departments in many companies are experiencing an increase in activity as they play a key role in adjusting workforces to meet changing demands. HR professionals who can help companies identify and attract top talent in areas where there are skills shortages – such as tech – are highly sought-after.

Project Administrator

At the moment, many companies are de-prioritising established long-term strategic initiatives and, instead, focusing on shorter-term goals to survive market volatility. For this reason, project administrators – particularly those available to be hired on a temporary basis – are in increasing demand as companies implement new and responsive strategic projects to maximise the bottom line.

Responsible for carrying out administrative tasks and duties in relation to a wide variety of projects, such as managing and organising suppliers and contractors, project administrators will be a crucial resource within companies to help managers and business owners diversify their offerings or improve their internal systems or processes.

Office Support

As restrictions ease following COVID-19, companies are working hard to facilitate a responsible and safe return to office environments for their workforce. Some of the strategies that companies are implementing include: rotating work from home schedules across different teams; social distancing in meeting rooms; communal areas and other facilities; and enhanced hygiene and cleaning protocols - all in response to applicable government health guidelines.

Companies are hiring efficient and experienced office support staff, such as office managers and facilities office coordinators, to organise, manage and support “new normal” working practices and ensure compliance.

Administration and office support roles are the backbone of companies across many industries – essential to the everyday smooth running of internal operations and core business projects. Consequently, certain roles across the admin sector are in demand as companies continue to adapt and rise to the opportunities and challenges of changing times.

Our consultants can match you with the best candidates ready to assist you as your teams re-enter the workplace. We have pre-vetted, highly talented, referenced business support professionals ready to go during this unprecedented business cycle.

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