Case study: Managed IT solutions

By on 10 March 2022

Company specifics

  • INDUSTRY: Manufacturing and distribution
  • COMPANY SIZE: Large company
  • SOLUTION: Managed IT solutions
Estimated Read Time: 3 minutes


1. Client challenge

In March 2020, as the COVID-19 crisis began to unfold, a leading manufacturer needed to move fast to turn its 4,000-employee workforce based in two regions into an all-remote team.

Complicating the move, the company’s IT organisation, including the IT service desk, also had to go remote.

The business was concerned the disruption might erode the quality of technical support — right when many of its employees would need to access that service the most.

The client was also hesitant to move to a fully managed service model because it was uncertain about future workload demands and wanted to have the flexibility to respond to changes when needed

2. Our approach

  • Our recommendation was for the company to transition to a hybrid model for technical support.
  • Our advice involved utilising Tier 1 technical support solution while also preserving much of the on-site, in-person service for desktop support that employees had come to appreciate.
  • The approach would also offer the company the flexibility to respond to future business needs in an uncertain environment.

3. Value delivered

Adopting the hybrid model has helped position the manufacturer for future success. The company can provide state-of-the-art professional technical support services to its employees, no matter where they need to work. Now, the company has the flexibility to respond to changing demands amid ongoing uncertainty and a single point of accountability so running their technical support program is streamlined and seamless, including:

  • Delivering Tier 1 support to its remote employees through a responsive service centre solution, managed by an experienced provider.
  • Continuing offering more advanced deskside support to workers, as needed, and with the same level of quality and responsiveness that they have come to expect.
  • Potentially realising savings of nearly 30% by pivoting to a hybrid delivery model for technical support that offers more staffing flexibility and cost efficiency.

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