Our Managed Solutions team help you build, streamline, and operationalise your organisation into a modern workplace through our unique approach that combines world-class calibre consulting services, extensive operational experience, innovative technology, and one of the largest networks of specialised loan staff.

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Our solutions portfolio

Modern Workplace Solutions

From managing IT projects to outsourcing technology support, our team help you complete critical projects so you can focus on strategic initiatives.

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Cyber Security Services

Our team combine deep technical security competence with executive-level communication and management.

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Software Solutions

Agile design, development, and implementation of innovative business solutions are at the heart of our software services solutions.

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How we can help

As organisations adapt to new technologies in the workplace, they face challenges with transitioning to these technologies and ensuring these technologies are tailored to the specific needs of their users.

Our Managed Technology Solutions team partner with your IT leadership to understand your strategic objectives and collaborate with you to develop and deliver full- service, year over year programs, to improve efficiency, customer satisfaction, and optimise the bottom line within your modern workplace.

Advisory services, seamless operations, and custom-built teams to drive value for you.

You pick the challenge, we help you tackle it.

Why we are the right partner for you

We are the only company that brings together world-class calibre consulting services through Protiviti and one of the largest networks of specialised subject matter experts to address your technology needs.
You don’t have to turn to multiple vendors to plan, execute, and measure the success of your initiative. We give you a single integrated solution of consulting, operations, and technology implementation. Our custom-fit solution generally results in an easier process and lower project costs.
We offer scalable, contractual services which provide for a reduction in complexity and increased access to deeply skilled resources, while being delivered at a significantly reduced and predictable annual fee.
We give you the flexibility to either combine your resources with our loan staff or move to a delivery model where we will provide you with a custom-built team on premise to manage the entire project or service centre.

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