Hiring the right person: 7 ways to find high-calibre staff

Hiring staff is easy, but hiring the right people takes skill and strategy. Professional, engaged, committed – all businesses are competing for top talent with the right qualities, and it takes creativity to locate the right person for your job opening. Read our article below where we show you seven ways to attract the cream of the crop:

7 ways to find high-calibre staff

1. Request referrals

Great team members are easily identified by those around them, so ask for recommendations of talented people from colleagues and contacts in your professional network, as well as from family members, friends and current or former employees. Consider offering incentives to your employees whose recommendations result in a successful hire.

2. Be visible

Don’t be afraid to let the world know about the wonderful workplace you provide. Get your company’s name out there by nominating your business for a local ‘Best Places to Work’ list; actively participate in the local community; showcase your social responsibility initiatives; and develop other strategies to draw attention to your firm’s reputation for hiring the right people and its innovative HR policies. By distinguishing yourself as an employer of choice, you’re well placed to attract the very best.

3. Empower your employees to be advocates for the firm

You want your team to share a sense of happiness at work – now encourage them to share the spirit of fulfilment by participating in networking events or joining professional associations. Encourage staff members with real passion for their role to talk about why it’s great working for your firm - they may meet potential job seekers while helping to enhance your company’s reputation.

4. Investigate social networking

Online recruitment is changing fast. Hiring the right person is no longer just about posting your ad on a jobs board or corporate website - besides online listings, more employers are tapping into popular networking sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. These recruiting resources can offer information on potential talent – but they can also speak volumes about the rewarding roles your company provides.

5. Combine high-tech and high-touch approaches

Sourcing for and hiring staff via social networks is a new endeavour for most companies. Many are still experimenting with what works and what doesn’t and, while using the web may be a convenient way to recruit, results can be mixed. That’s why an employer’s online efforts should augment, not replace, traditional one-on-one personal contact. And there are plenty of exciting opportunities through networking events and job fairs, as well as relationships built with reputable recruitment firms like Robert Half.

6. Be creative with extras

To stand out as a prospective employer when hiring staff, your firm should offer as many benefits that will bring happiness to your team as is feasible. Beyond the standard options, attractive packages may include alternative work arrangements, performance-based bonuses, opportunities for continuing professional education and childcare referral services.

7. Offer competitive salaries

To hire the right people who are passionate about what they can bring to their role, you need to stay up to date with current salary levels. The Robert Half Salary Guide, published annually, provides comprehensive data on average salaries for accounting and finance, office administrative and technology professionals. Regularly consult salary guides and other industry resources to ensure the compensation you offer to top talent is consistent with market trends. If your business can afford it, consider offering slightly more than the going rate or, once you get to interviews, a little more than the applicant requests. This way a new employee will have their enthusiasm fuelled from day one.

It’s not always easy to find the hire the right person who will be the perfect fit for your company, but these seven steps are a great way to attract and retain the superstars.

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