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The Robert Half Salary Guide provides you with unique insights into the latest average administration and office support salaries, including anticipated year on year increases.

Are you a job seeker? Use the guide to measure your salary expectations against other administrative professionals - perhaps it's time to ask for a pay rise or search for a new job.

Are you a hiring manager? Use this valuable resource to determine salary levels for new employees and stay up-to-date with emerging trends in today's recruitment market.

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Administration salary trends
  • Regardless of economic climate, all companies rely on quality administrative talent. Top office support professionals ensure the smooth functioning of a business as well as play a key role in the development of new projects and initiatives.
  • As the commercial environment becomes more complex, demand for administrative and office support professionals is steady.
  • Hiring managers often think there is a large pool of administrative talent available, however reality shows that companies continue to compete for the best talent across all industries.
  • One of the recruiting challenges companies currently face is the need to attract office support candidates who are able to make a measurable contribution from day one.
  • This often hinges on a candidate having experience in a particular industry, and administrative professionals who specialise in a certain sector often enjoy an advantage in the jobs market.
  • In a market where demand for specialised talent exceeds supply in various functional areas, employers can no longer afford to adopt a one-size-fits-all recruitment and retention policy.
Administrative hiring climate
  • Demand is strongest for senior administrative professionals with two to five years of experience. These are typically the candidates who make an immediate contribution to an organisation, especially in the area of project management.
  • There are also opportunities for starters or graduates, especially those who have gained relevant experience through traineeships.
  • Companies can enhance the productivity of graduate candidates through ongoing training, and more companies are investing in training programs geared towards harnessing the full potential of administration and office support talent.
  • The 'typical' administrative role doesn't exist - each employer will have its own set of criteria for individual roles. Administrative professionals can benefit from enhancing several core skills that top the must-have list for most companies.
  • Qualifications in business administration are viewed as desirable though essential skills include familiarity with programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, plus ERP programs like SAP and Oracle.
  • Strong communication skills - written and verbal - are critical. An ability to harness and manage social media is also becoming a highly desirable technical skill.
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