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The 2015 Robert Half Salary Guide will provide you with unique insights into the latest average salaries in finance and accounting as well as anticipated year on year salary increases.

Job seekers: Use the guide to measure your finance & accounting salary expectations compared to industry peers – perhaps it's time to ask for a pay rise!

Hiring managers: Use this valuable resource to determine salary levels for new employees and stay up-to-date with emerging trends in today's finance & accounting market.

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Sector Highlights

Salary Trends

  • 28% of Australian CFOs report a lack of niche, technical experts in the finance & accounting sector
  • Salary increases look most likely in NSW and Victoria, while 40% of finance and accounting staff in Queensland face salary freezes

Hiring Intentions

  • 51% Australian CFOs expect to recruit new finance and accounting professionals in 2015
  • 89% of finance leaders are concerned about losing top talent - as a result 66% are more willing to negotiate salary

Infographic: Finance & Accounting hiring trends


Salary Calculator

Are you getting paid what you're worth?

Prepare for your next performance appraisal or salary negotiation by using the 2015 Robert Half Salary Calculator to check and compare your salary against your industry peers.

This handy tool gives you instant access to average salary ranges in your local area for administration & office support jobs. Just enter the city, industry and role title that you work in and the calculator will display a real-time salary range in Australian dollars.

Note: The amount an employee is paid can vary between states.

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