Web Developer salary

A Web Developer salary depends on the level of experience and skills available to construct and maintain websites. Proven success applying these skills can be the key that allows candidates to negotiate a higher salary. Given the rapid pace of technological change, web developers who are able to adapt to new systems and hierarchies, while also exhibiting exceptional written and verbal communication skills, will have an advantage in negotiating their remuneration.

Percentiles of a Web Developer salary

In the Robert Half Salary Guide, salaries are broken down by percentiles. This allows you to see how different skills, experience and qualifications – along with different roles, can shape your Web Developer salary.

25th percentile

This Web Developer salary percentile generally applies to candidates with less experience than typical, often a new graduate of a Bachelor degree in Computer Science or Engineering. At this level, web developers will need to be reasonably proficient in HTML, CSS and PHP, and possess a good understanding of design fundamentals and website layout. Further coding experience may be necessary, and roles may be available in smaller companies or in the IT department of a larger organisation.

50th percentile

A Web Developer in this salary percentile is likely to have average experience. The role may call for strong skills in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, backed by a good understanding of SEO principles – and the ability to ensure all applications adhere to them. In a role likely to be of average complexity, candidates should be able to independently develop web design concepts based on business requirements and brand values.

75th percentile

In this Web Developer salary percentile, excellent coding skills should combine with the ability to innovate and demonstrate creative flair. In a fairly complex role, candidates will be expected to work to tight deadlines, yet still demonstrate attention to detail to optimise website features for maximum speed and scalability. This salary percentile may also apply in industries where there is considerable competition for talent.

95th percentile

The peak Web Developer salary percentile is exclusive to professionals who have significant, highly relevant experience. The role is likely to involve working closely with other departments such as marketing, so candidates need strong collaborative skills, backed by excellent conceptual design skills. Good communication skills will be required to manage a team and report back to project leaders. Web developers who stay up to date with the latest principles of best practice web design are in a strong position to negotiate their salary within this percentile.

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