Software Engineer salary

Salary by region

Average Software Engineer salary in capital cities

  • Melbourne: $80,000
  • Sydney: $80,000
  • Perth: $97,000

Job growth

Job growth in the technology industry in Australia is dominated by rapid technological advancement and the need for highly-skilled and adaptable candidates. As such, there is a demand for software engineers to possess new skill sets to keep up with constant change, specifically around virtualisation programs and cloud services. Research by Robert Half found that 82% of Australian CIOs find it more challenging to find qualified IT professionals today than compared to five years ago, and as a result, are willing to pay Software Engineers competitively to secure the best talent.

Opportunities for a competitive Software Engineer salary

Software engineers are responsible for addressing the entire software development lifecycle - analysing, designing, testing and developing software that meets the needs of the organisation they work for. To negotiate a higher Software Engineer salary, candidates should leverage their knowledge and experience with evolving technologies, such as ReactJS and VueJS (Javascript language), GOLANG (Google language) and Amazon Web Services.

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