IT Support Salary

Salary by region

Average IT Support salary in capital cities

  • Brisbane: $55,000
  • Melbourne: $55,000
  • Sydney: $60,000
  • Perth: $55,000

Job growth

Job growth in the technology sector in Australia is dominated by a need for highly-skilled, cross-functional candidates who understand the fast-paced nature of global technological advancement. With 82% of Australian CIOs finding it more challenging to find qualified IT professionals compared to five years ago, more IT Support staff are being hired in a temporary capacity for project work, particularly in Cloud development. For candidates, this provides the opportunity to earn competitive pay and enjoy increased career flexibility. For employers, temporary staff provide access to specialised skill sets and allow fixed personnel costs to be turned into variable expenses.

Opportunities for a competitive IT Support salary

Candidates in IT Support are required to service the computer networks of entire organisations, and as such need to possess both refined technical skills and a capacity to communicate quickly and effectively. The role often requires complex ideas and processes to be explained to stakeholders with little knowledge of IT, so candidates with relationship building skills, exceptional verbal and written communication ability and capacity to multitask will find themselves in high demand. A nation-wide shortage of these skills means candidates are in a prime position to negotiate an IT Support salary from employers who are willing to pay competitively to secure the best talent.

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Are you looking for an IT or technology role?

Senior Financial Accountant
Inner Suburbs Melbourne
$100000 - 120000 / annum

IT Support Analyst - Helpdesk & Desktop
Sydney CBD
$50000 - 55000 / annum

Senior Recruitment Consultant | Business Support
Brisbane CBD
$65000 - 85000 / annum

IT Support Officer
Melbourne CBD
$55 - 60 / annum

IT Systems Support Analyst (Pronto Focused)
Eastern Suburbs Melbourne
$70 - 75 / annum

Senior Resourcing Specialist - Business Support
Brisbane CBD
$70000 - 90000 / annum

IT Desktop Support Officer | $60k+ super
Melbourne CBD
$32 - 35 / hour

Senior Resourcing Specialist - Brisbane
Brisbane CBD
$50000 - 70000 / annum

Infrastructure Solution Architect
Northern Suburbs Melbourne
$800 - 950 / day

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