Data Analyst salary

Data analysts are responsible for interpreting figures and using it to drive business decisions, develop strategy and improve overall organisational performance. Reflecting this, a blend of technical and business skills will shape a Data Analyst salary. Candidates who can leverage a strong understanding of data management, and implement robust data safeguards, can be well-placed to negotiate their salary range.

Percentiles of a Data Analyst salary

In the Robert Half Salary Guide, salaries are broken down by percentiles. This allows you to see how different skills, experience and qualifications – along with different roles, can shape a Data Analyst salary.

25th percentile

A Data Analyst in this percentile is typically less experienced and may be a recent graduate with a tertiary qualification such as a Bachelor of Computer Science. Data Analysts in this salary percentile may be assigned duties such as providing analysis for data management and data reporting, often working under the supervision of a department head. Candidates can grow their skill set through exposure to advanced Excel and programming languages such as SQL and Python.

50th percentile

In this Data Analyst salary percentile, candidates are expected to have an average level of experience. The necessary skills to meet job requirements can include ensuring data and information is validated and maintained in designated systems, and providing insights to management for driving operational change. Experience in analysing and monitoring data migration activities will often be an advantage to meet job requirements. This salary percentile may also apply in industries where there is a moderate level of competition for talent.

75th percentile

In this percentile, candidates are expected to have more experience than typical coupled with a strong skill set that includes extracting, manipulating, transforming, and analysing structured and non-structured data from various environments. This may call for experience in a range of data mining techniques and sophisticated modelling. Critical thinking skills are essential to formulate insights that allow the organisation to meet business challenges and achieve growth.

95th percentile

In this salary percentile, data analysts are expected to have a significant level of experience, often highly relevant to the organisation or industry. Essential skills include the ability to present analysis in a meaningful way to assist senior executive make decisions about company productivity. Candidates will have a track record of taking a proactive approach to problem-solving, developing hypotheses, and actionable insights from data sets related to various aspects of the organisation. Collaborative skills are also highly valued in the top salary percentile as analysts will be expected to work with technical engineers to integrate data platforms.

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