Financial Analyst salary

Salary by region

Average Financial Analyst salary in capital cities

  • Brisbane: $90,000
  • Melbourne: $85,000
  • Sydney: $100,000
  • Perth: $97,000

Job growth

Job growth for financial analysts in Australia has been influenced heavily by a need for companies to respond quickly and efficiently to automation and digitisation of traditional finance functions. Presently, hiring mangers seek financial analysts who are capable and enthusiastic about working on activities that add greater value to the organisation using available technological solutions. While the role has and will always be highly dependent on analysing financial data, job growth opportunities will be available to candidates who can demonstrate an aptitude for financial forecasting and providing strategic recommendations to help achieve company goals.

Opportunities for a competitive

Financial Analyst salary Financial analysts should demonstrate a high degree of technical skill and fiscal literacy, as well as strong business acumen and the capacity to influence organisational change. Knowledge of technical solutions such as SAP and Oracle, and experience with predictive analytics should also be leveraged by candidates hoping to negotiate a more competitive Financial Analyst salary.

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