Finance Manager salary

As technology advances, finance managers who combine IT skills with experience in financial analysis, predictive analytics and financial management continue to be highly sought after. Candidates aiming to climb the salary ladder as a Finance Manager will need to demonstrate a high level of commercial insight to drive business strategy forward. Experience with enterprise planning software to minimise financial risk, making critical long-term business decisions, and reporting on achievements are critical to negotiate a top Finance Manager salary.

Percentiles of a Finance Manager salary

In the Robert Half Salary Guide, salaries are broken down by percentiles. This allows you to see how different skills, experience and qualifications – along with different roles, can shape a Finance Manager salary.

25th percentile

A Finance Manager in this salary percentile will have less experience than typical however along with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance or Accounting, candidates are often expected to hold additional qualifications such as Chartered Accountant (CA) or Certified Practising Accountant (CPA). Along with a strong knowledge of accounting principles, finance managers will be expected to collaborate with other members of the accounting and finance team to work on the preparation and analysis of management reporting information.

50th percentile

To earn this Finance Manager salary in this percentile, candidates will need three to five years of experience in a Finance Manager role or similar. Necessary skills to meet job requirements include extensive experience in ERP systems, and an ability to adapt to business process changes, particularly the automation of the accounting function. In larger organisations, experience leading a small team, and a pro-active approach to achieving positive financial outcomes would be an advantage.

75th percentile

In this salary percentile, a Finance Manager is expected to have a strong skillset that goes beyond day to day financial management. Experience in corporate financial planning, cash forecasting, costing and inventory control will be seen as essential. The role is likely to include complex tasks such as implementing improved controls for finance and operations, as well as managing foreign currency exposures.

95th percentile

The highest Finance Manager salary percentile is reserved for highly complex roles where candidates play a key role consulting with stakeholders to help guide strategic decision making. The role may involve developing and overseeing the implementation of strategies aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of accounting processes and practices, and recognising how emerging technologies can be harnessed to deliver effective solutions. Candidates are expected to have advanced understanding of financial databases and systems, innovative computer skills, and the ability to work collaboratively at a senior level.

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