Receptionist salary

Salary by region

Average Receptionist salary in capital cities

  • Brisbane: $50,000
  • Melbourne: $50,000
  • Sydney: $55,000

Job growth

As digitisation and automation shape job growth in Australia’s employment market, the role of the Receptionist remain a relevant and integral part of any business, amplified now through the opportunities of new technology. In 2018, companies seek receptionists who are adept with technology-based tasks and can add significant value to the organisation through a mix of technical and soft skills. Technical skills in demand include experience with Customer Relationship Management software, database management and social media management. While slower wage growth is a challenge, both candidates and employers can benefit from leveraging temporary or contract opportunities, with 59% of Australian managers having done so to fill a permanent role due to lengthy industry recruitment processes.

Opportunities for a competitive Receptionist salary

Though the role has evolved as a product of automation, receptionists remain one of the top three office support positions most in demand according to research by Robert Half, and candidates can leverage this knowledge to negotiate a competitive Receptionist salary. Any remuneration package increase for the role of Receptionist relies on demonstrating a diverse skill set including strong cross-channel communication skills, a willingness to support personal and executive assistants, and the ability to assist HR with tasks such as onboarding.

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Are you looking for an Administration role?

Receptionist | Immediate Start | 4 weeks
Brisbane CBD
$24 - 26 / hour

Temporary Receptionist / Administrator
Melbourne CBD
$25.15 - 30.00 / hour

Receptionist | Immediate Start
Inner Suburbs Brisbane
$24 - 26 / hour

Bondi Junction
$27.00 - 27.00 / hour

Personal Assistant
Macquarie Park
$30.00 - 30.00 / hour

Team Administrator
Port Melbourne
$50000 - 60000 / annum

Administration Assistant
Melbourne CBD
$26 - 29 / hour

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