Office Manager salary

Salary by region

Average Office Manager salary in capital cities

  • Brisbane: $65,000
  • Melbourne: $72,000
  • Sydney: $80,000

Job growth

Digital disruption is impacting the administration industry significantly in 2018. As a consequence, employers seek office managers who are capable of assisting with new organisational strategies and hierarchies that are a product of growing digitisation. In addition to traditional administration skills, candidates need to possess a range of technology-based skills such as database management and social media management. With lack of cultural fit being a primary cause of increased voluntary turnover in the industry, successful and lasting job growth for office managers hinges on organisational values being highlighted by hiring managers throughout the recruitment process.

Opportunities for a competitive Office Manager salary

While technological change in the administration sector is demanding office managers with an ability to adapt to new systems, success in the role still relies heavily on strong interpersonal skills. Candidates who have a history of successful interactions with key stakeholders and who are excellent communicators are in a position to leverage a more competitive Office Manager salary.

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Are you looking for an Administration role?

Scheduling officer/Office Manager
Southern Suburbs Brisbane
$25 - 26 / hour

Administrator/ EA
Sydney CBD
$80000 - 80000 / annum

Inner Suburbs Melbourne
$55000 - 65000 / annum

Service Desk Team Lead
Sydney CBD
$10000 - 90000 / annum

Customer Service Manager
Brisbane CBD
$110000 - 130000 / annum

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