Office Manager salary

Technology is reshaping office administration, and an Office Manager salary can hinge on a candidate’s ability to adapt to new systems. That said, success in the role still relies heavily on strong interpersonal skills. Office managers with a history of successful interactions with key stakeholders, and who are excellent communicators are in a position to leverage a more competitive salary.

Percentiles of an Office Manager salary

In the Robert Half Salary Guide, salaries are broken down by percentiles. This allows you to see how different skills, experience and qualifications – along with different roles, can shape an Office Manager salary.

25th percentile

This Office Manager salary percentile applies to candidates with entry-level or less than typical experience. Good communications skills will be necessary to answer and screen incoming phone calls. A strong organisational ability is essential as responsibilities are likely to include photocopying, checking and distributing mail, ordering office supplies, and scheduling and coordinating meetings.

50th percentile

This salary percentile applies to office managers with few years of experience and the ability to work unsupervised across a range of tasks. Candidates may have completed tertiary qualifications such as a Cert III in Business Administration, and must be able to multi-task and anticipate the needs of different departments to ensure the smooth functioning of the workplace. This salary percentile may also apply in industries where there is moderate demand for talent.

75th percentile

This Office Manager salary percentile calls for more than typical experience in what may be a fairly complex role. Candidates will need outstanding IT skills in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Excellent verbal and written communication skills are essential for liaison with internal and external stakeholders. Experience working with suppliers, organising team events, and managing appointments will be a plus in this salary percentile

95th percentile

At the highest Office Manager salary percentile, candidates are well-tenured in the role, having served for numerous years in the administrative profession. In smaller organisations, candidates may need experience in rostering, stock management and ordering, and payment of invoices. In larger companies, office managers will require excellent IT skills including the ability to manage CRM databases.

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