HR Manager salary

A HR Manager salary is often determined by a candidate’s blend of skills, experience and awareness of the role that digitisation is playing in automating HR processes. Professionals are expected to stay up to date with workplace legislation including industry awards, as well as market salaries and strategies for packaging remuneration. Candidates with a history of improving workplace satisfaction, as well as securing and retaining top talent are in a strong position to earn a top salary.

Percentiles of a HR Manager salary

In the Robert Half Salary Guide, salaries are broken down by percentiles. This allows you to see how different skills, experience and qualifications – along with different roles, can shape a HR Manager salary.

25th percentile

This HR Manager salary percentile applies typically to candidates who have 1-2 years’ experience in the role. Candidates will be required though to have skills in maintaining accurate records, and compiling HR reports. Responsibilities may include responding to internal and external enquiries relating to various roles, and working on recruitment activities for the company.

50th percentile

A HR Manager in this salary percentile range is likely to have, or be working towards, tertiary qualifications such as a Bachelor degree in Business, Human Resource Management or Industrial Relations. Necessary skills include an ability to interpret legislation, regulations and Awards, and draft relevant policies and procedures to ensure compliance. Important soft skills include the ability to collaborate as part of a performance management and talent development team, coordinating both performance reviews and annual salary reviews.

75th percentile

At this percentile of salary, the HR Manager role calls for a tenured professional with solid working experience in the role. A broad set of skills is required, including the ability to represent the organisation in negotiations with unions and employees to determine remuneration, and other conditions of employment. Other responsibilities may include monitoring employment costs and productivity levels, and suggesting initiatives to business leaders to increase output per employee.

95th percentile

The highest HR Manager salary percentile calls for extensive and highly relevant experience in the role. In a job that is likely to be more strategic than hands-on, candidates are expected to have skills that span the full range of HR functions including workforce planning, recruitment, performance, conduct management, change management, and development of organisational culture. Soft skills such as leadership are necessary to inspire workplace teams through coaching and mentoring, with the ability to plan, prioritise and organise staffing needs across the entire organisation.

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