Executive Assistant salary

Salary by region

Average Executive Assistant salary in capital cities

  • Brisbane: $68,000
  • Melbourne: $75,000
  • Sydney: $85,000

Job growth

Job growth for Executive Assistants remains steady, despite facing challenges with filling positions due to slower wage growth, leading to longer recruitment processes. Research by Robert Half has found that 59% of Australian managers have hired a temporary office support staff member to fill a permanent role because the hiring process was taking too long. In spite of this challenge, office support roles remain a prevalent part of business operations and hiring managers should ensure they offer a competitive Executive Assistant salary to avoid lengthy recruitment processes.

Opportunities for a competitive Executive Assistant salary

Executive Assistants are responsible for supporting executive-level staff through completion of a range of clerical, technical and management tasks. As such, candidates who can demonstrate a high proficiency of soft skills, such as organisation, adaptability, and the ability to multitask will find more opportunities to negotiate a competitive Executive Assistant salary. Knowledge or experience with Customer Relationship Management software, database management and social media management is also advantageous for a higher Executive Assistant salary. Additionally, as one of the top three most in demand office support positions in Australia according to the Robert Half Salary Guide, candidates should leverage this knowledge for a competitive salary or benefits package.

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