Administrative Assistant salary

Salary by region

Average Administrative Assistant salary in capital cities

  • Brisbane: $52,000
  • Melbourne: $50,000
  • Sydney: $52,000

Job growth

Research conducted by Robert Half has found that many Australian companies are losing top administration and office support talent due to lengthy hiring processes. The recruitment of administration staff in Australia has also been influenced by increased voluntary employee turnover in the sector. More than half (55%) of Australian hiring managers say voluntary turnover has increased compared to three years ago, creating the need for stronger retention policies and initiatives for the front office, particular for Administrative Assistant positions. Existing retention initiatives such as appreciation programs, regular salary reviews and flexible working opportunities should be more effectively promoted to staff to ensure their satisfaction and productivity.

Opportunities for a competitive

Administrative Assistant salary Administrative Assistant roles are evolving and employers now seek professionals that are capable of fulfilling both clerical responsibilities and technology-based tasks. These include learning and adapting to Customer Relationship Management software, moderating and managing social media communication, and understanding Enterprise Resource Planning systems such as SAP and Oracle. Possession of a strong combination of both technical and soft skills - notably adaptability, communication and the ability to multitask - will give candidates an advantage in the recruitment process, ensuring a competitive Administrative Assistant salary is secured.

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