Administrative Assistant salary

Administrative Assistant salaries can be determined by the number of years of experience and skills, including clerical skills and the ability to undertake technology-based duties such as moderating and managing social media communications. Administrative assistants who also have experience with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems such as SAP and Oracle are at an advantage when it comes to salary negotiations.

Percentiles of an Administrative Assistant salary

In the Robert Half Salary Guide, salaries are broken down by percentiles. This allows you to see how different skills, experience and qualifications – along with different roles, can shape an Administrative Assistant salary.

25th percentile

This Administrative Assistant salary percentile applies to candidates who have less experience than typical. Responsibilities can include filing, scanning, printing and faxing, as well as answering and directing incoming calls.

50th percentile

Administrative assistants who fit into this salary percentile have an average level of experience in the role. Candidates may have completed tertiary qualifications such as a Cert III in Business Administration. Responsibilities may include responding to email enquiries, drafting correspondence, and general office management. At this salary percentile, candidates are often expected to have well-developed IT skills such as proficiency with Microsoft Office applications including Word and Outlook. A knowledge of CRM and ERP systems would be beneficial.

75th percentile

In this Administrative Assistant salary percentile, candidates will have more experience than typical, plus have strong organisational skills and a demonstrated ability to multi-task. The role will be reasonably complex and can include financial reconciliation of credit cards, invoice acquittal, coordination of meetings and presentations, and circulating key documents among managers and department heads. This salary percentile may also apply in industries where there is considerable competition for talent.

95th percentile

To earn remuneration in the highest Administrative Assistant percentile, candidates need significant, highly relevant experience, and the ability to meet tight deadlines combined with attention to detail. Collaborative skills are essential to be an effective team member while still being able to work independently. Good communication skills are necessary as candidates will be called on to consult with managers and share information with a variety of stakeholders. At this salary percentile, administrative assistants are expected to have a thorough understanding of MS Office and Google tools.

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