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The Robert Half Salary Guide provides you with unique insights into the latest salary ranges for finance and accounting, technology and administration and office support professionals.

Are you a hiring manager? Discover the salary ranges you should offer to new employees, and learn about the latest industry trends in recruitment.

Are you a jobseeker? Compare your salary expectations against the industry average - you may find it's time to ask for a pay rise or search for a new job.

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Stay ahead of industry trends with the Salary Guide

The Robert Half Salary Guide provides expert insight into the Australian job market across the accounting, finance, IT and administration industries.

Whether you're looking to hire or preparing for a job interview, download your copy today.

Salary outlook for the year ahead

While salary isn't the only factor that determines if a professional chooses to work - and stay - at a company, an attractive pay package can be a vital tipping point when a potential employee has a choice between companies. Qualified experts can take the challenges of the current economic climate and turn them into opportunities.

Industry trends dominating the hiring landscape

The greatest opportunities will be for candidates with specialist skills (particularly in technologies). Hiring managers need to identify qualified experts who can meet current market challenges and transform them into opportunities. Learn how these industry trends could impact you.

Salary Calculator

Are you being paid what you're worth? The Salary Calculator provides instant access to average salaries in your local area for finance, accounting, technology and administration jobs.

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What's impacting your industry in 2017?

Download the guide to access the coming year's salary projections and the key recruitment trends affecting your sector.

Finance and accounting

Finance and accounting

With 90% of Australian CFOs finding it challenging to source skilled finance and accounting talent and 54% saying that talent management is their top focus for 2017, there is great opportunity for finance professionals seeking new career challenges. Learn more in the Finance and Accounting Salary Guide.

Administration and office support

Administration and office support

In today's competitive job market, it is in an organisation's best interest to have an all-round hiring strategy that combines both the latest technologies, social media and the human touch of the specialised staffing agencies. As businesses undergo transformation, employers will be looking for talented administrative professionals to support the change. Read more in the Administration and Office Support Salary Guide.



Rapid digitisation is creating significant skills shortages with demand surpassing supply for talented IT professionals. As the industry becomes more customer-centric, and concern over persistent cyber-security threats increases, demand for specialist IT skillsets is rising. Find out more in the Technology Salary Guide.

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