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In addition to identifying employment trends through our daily interactions with companies and jobseekers, we conduct extensive research on hiring and workplace issues. Read about our latest research, including results from our ongoing surveys of Australian CFOs, CIOs, senior managers and office workers.

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Education is primary solution to Australia’s IT skills shortage, say tech leaders

Australia is at risk of falling behind in the global technology race unless companies can secure top IT talent. Read more here.

Ghosted as a jobseeker? Here’s how to avoid it

Robert half research shows poor communication during the recruitment is at the heart of many jobseekers’ frustrations. Read more here.

Australian bosses ranked 3rd globally for employee recognition

In the global rankings of 8 countries, Australia ranks 3rd when it comes to being appreciated by their staff, only 2nd to the Netherlands. Read more here.

Jobseekers’ salary expectations higher compared to five years ago: Survey

After several years of slow wage growth, Robert Half research shows jobseekers’ salary expectations are rising. Read more here. 

7 in 10 IT jobseekers secure higher salary than initially offered, according to CIOs

Robert Half research reveals CIOs have had to increase the salary amount originally offered for seven out of every 10 new hires. Read more here.