Technology investment in SMEs set to escalate in 2015, according to Robert Half

21 April 2015

Robert Half Director Andrew Brushfield, said almost two thirds of CIOs identified new projects as the top driver of technology recruitment this year.

“The majority of Australian businesses are small to medium in size, and this is currently the most active sector for new projects.

“SMEs are nimble and flexible, and can adapt more readily to the economy,” Mr Brushfield added.

Technical skills are most highly-sought after as businesses are investing in enabling technologies, such as a customer relationship management (CRM) system.

“CRM software is generally adopted by a company where the ability to communicate with customers and track customer interactions is crucial, or in a firm where that flow of information is complex and relational,” Mr Brushfield said.

One of the most significant changes noted in recent years is the transition of the IT function within a business.

“Technology is no longer perceived as a cost centre, but rather a vehicle to improve productivity and drive revenue gains. Externally this may be to improve a customer’s experience, and internally for employee facing technologies such as eLearning, collaboration tools and content development.

“In a larger organisation, it is also now increasingly common for the CIO and CFO to sit on the same level,” Mr Brushfield added.

“Companies are dependent on strong IT staff and are therefore offering better salaries. Quite simply, hiring the best people matters and firms are seeing the invaluable skills and insight that technology talent brings to their organisation,” Mr Brushfield concluded.

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