Sector specific business confidence driving demand for temporary professionals

Our salary survey shows that 87% of Human Resource Directors anticipate the changing workplace will increase opportunities for temporary and interim staff.

In the 2015 Robert Half Salary Guide, 87% of Human Resource Directors (HRDs) anticipate the changing workplace will see increased opportunities for temporary and interim staff.

“Our research highlights how firms are more reliant on temporary and interim staff to cover over-flow from their existing team,” Andrew Brushfield, Robert Half Director said.

“Outside of the resource sector, business confidence remains steady and we are also seeing a significant change with many clients moving forward with projects that have previously been on hold, particularly in small and medium sized businesses”, Mr Brushfield added.

More than 45% of those surveyed said using temporary and interim professionals is a cost effective approach to meet an immediate need.

“This type of resourcing flexibility provides skills not available in-house and fills resourcing gaps as they come up,” Mr Brushfield said.

The 2015 Robert Half Salary Guide also revealed that 90% of HRDs plan to maintain or expand permanent administration and office support headcount throughout this year.

“When placing candidates, we have noticed the top performing sectors to be technology, health and aged care.

“Flexibility and strong communication skills are highly sought after with the strongest demand for mid-level candidates.

“Positions in high demand include administration assistants, specialised project administrators and contracts administrators.

“For entry-level candidates, hiring managers are looking for reception, sales or project administration candidates, and those with business qualifications,” Mr Brushfield said.

“Competition is fierce for entry-level candidates and flexibility with expectations is critical,” Mr Brushfield added.

“There is the perception that there are plenty of candidates available, but employers still need to move quickly to secure quality employees,” Mr Brushfield concluded.


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