Robert Half Salary Guide: The 5 hottest jobs in IT

Robert Half Salary Guide: 50% of Australian CIOs plan to increase salaries of existing IT and technology employees. Read the full press release today.

In today’s highly competitive market, one in two Australian businesses plan to increase salaries for their existing IT employees in 2016. While salaries in many Australian companies will remain stable, the growing supply and demand imbalance for specialised and hard-to-fill IT roles will drive the rise in starting salaries according to the 2016 Robert Half Salary Guide.

Technology is the hot spot in today’s employment market. The IT industry is in the middle of a five-year growth cycle, as projected by the Australian Government, and there is a projected 14.2%1 increase in the demand for IT appointments over this period. 

David Jones, Senior Managing Director Robert Half Asia Pacific said: “Big Data, cloud and mobile technology continue to dominate the IT market, with businesses actively seeking skilled and experienced IT professionals to support innovation and sustain business growth.”

Increased investment and new initiatives in both technology and non-technology based businesses have created a skills shortage which is set to continue in 2016. More than nine out of ten (93%) Australian CIOs claim it’s a challenge to find skilled IT professionals. From small to large companies, hiring managers are facing stiff competition to attract and retain top IT talent and this is having an upward effect on salaries for several IT roles.

“In order to attract and keep top talent on the payroll, proactive companies are adjusting their remuneration policies to ensure their offers match or exceed averages in their location and industry,” David Jones said.

David Jones continued: “However, not all companies rely on pay rises. Others rely on their brand, pay extra attention to work-life balance, or offer appealing career opportunities to attract top IT talent and gaining their loyalty.”

Remuneration trends in the IT department

What are the 5 golden IT jobs?

Even though starting salaries will remain stable for the majority of IT roles, there are several highly specialist IT roles that can expect an increase in starting salaries in 2016.

David Jones said: “Top IT candidates – those with highly sought after or niche skills – will typically receive multiple job offers, leaving them well-placed to drive their salary negotiations. As a consequence, many specialists are likely to consider moving roles if they are offered a better remuneration package.”

1. Business Intelligence Developer 
Based in Sydney

  2016 min 2016 max YoY growth2
Business Intelligence Developer $ 95,000 $ 145,000 + 9%

Source: 2016 Robert Half Salary Guide

Business Intelligence Developers, among many other duties, plan and design enterprise-level Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. BI developers harness the power of Big Data to empower Australian companies with actionable intelligence and data-driven insights. The challenge for BI developers is warehousing, aggregating and transforming raw data so it is accessible to non-technical staff without compromising data security. Recruitment remains a challenge for hiring managers as demand continues to be high for top BI developers talent. 

2. Infrastructure Manager
Based in Sydney

  2016 min 2016 max YoY growth
Infrastructure Manager $ 120,000 $ 175,000 + 9%

Source: 2016 Robert Half Salary Guide

IT infrastructure no longer just exists in the bubble of the data centre and the office. Big Data has changed the way businesses understand themselves and their markets. Australian companies need infrastructure managers to deliver as per business operational expectations. In addition, they provide solutions to complex technical challenges while the IT infrastructure must have the capability to support new trends and be adaptable in the face of constant change. An increase in starting salaries reflects the growing requirements for infrastructure managers to be proactive in dynamic technical landscapes while also being creative problem solvers who support business goals.

3. ERP Functional Consultant/CRM Consultant
Based in Sydney

  2016 min 2016 max YoY growth
ERP Functional Consultant/CRM Consultant $ 100,000 $ 150,000 + 9%

Source: 2016 Robert Half Salary Guide

As data drives innovation, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) plays an essential part in exploiting business potential. The demand for ERP functional consultants and CRM consultants is due in part to companies breaking out of closed systems and supporting user mobility through web and mobile applications. Increasing ERP requirements in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and financial management is driving demand, and salary expectations, for highly skilled and experienced ERP functional consultants as well as CRM consultants. The demand is also being driven by evolving ERP technologies and the associated security threats that require consultants to mitigate the potential for exposure. 

4. Enterprise Architect
Based in Sydney

  2016 min 2016 max YoY growth
Enterprise Architect $ 130,000 $ 190,000 + 7%

Source: 2016 Robert Half Salary Guide

The role of the enterprise architect (EA) is to deliver business potential by aligning IT strategy with business goals. The emergence of cloud technologies and competitive business advantages through analytics and Big Data is at the forefront of business strategy for Australian companies. EAs conduct analysis and create models and roadmaps to add value to a business by reducing duplication and eradicating conflicts in siloed environments. Attracting experienced, knowledgeable and conscientious EAs who understand both business and technology, and how they can benefit one another, is a challenge for hiring managers. This is reflected in the expected increase in starting salaries in 2016.  

5. (IT) Project Manager
Based in Sydney

  2016 min 2016 max YoY growth
(IT) Project Manager $ 100,000 $ 157,000 + 7%

Source: 2016 Robert Half Salary Guide

As Australian companies increasingly turn to innovations in technology to transform business and drive growth, the demand for IT project managers continues to strengthen. IT project managers need to understand all contemporary aspects of IT including innovations in, and implications of, cloud technology and Big Data, while implementing the highest standards of security. Acting as a bridge between business and IT, they must wear more than one hat while delivering highly visible projects. While demand is high, approximately one fifth (18%) of Australian CIOs say it's a challenge to find skilled professionals specialised in project management, according to Robert Half's independent research. This explains the expected increase in starting salaries in 2016.  


About the Robert Half Salary Guide

The 2016 Robert Half Salary Guide offers a comprehensive overview of the current salary ranges, non-financial benefits and specific job trends for technology professionals, finance and accounting professionals, finance professionals in the financial services sector and administrative professionals. The results and insights of the Robert Half Salary Guide 2016 are based on comprehensive analysis, local expertise and independent research of executives and office workers.

1Department of Employment – Industry Employment Projections to November 2019.
2Salary differences between 2015 and 2016.

About the research

The annual study is developed by Robert Half and was conducted in December 2015 by an independent research firm, surveying 100 Chief Information Officers (CIO) and 160 Chief Financial Officers (CFO) and finance directors in Australia. This survey is part of the international workplace survey, a questionnaire about job trends, talent management and trends in the workplace. 


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