5 New Years’ resolutions for jobseekers in 2019

Robert Half reveals five goals professionals should aim for to help them find a position that matches their skills and interests in 2019. Read more here.

The start of 2019 has many Australians starting to act on their New Years’ resolutions, both personal and professional. Ambitious professionals may already be exploring the employment market for new opportunities, and specialised recruiter Robert Half reveals five goals professionals should aim for to help them find a position that matches their skills, experience and interests in 2019. 

Goal #1: Update your resume and LinkedIn profile
One mistake jobseekers frequently make is to wait to revise their resume or LinkedIn profile until they find a job that interests them, which prevents them from applying for the position right away. Jobseekers need to ensure their current resume and LinkedIn profile reflect their most recent professional accomplishments as by the time they have an updated version ready to submit, it may be too late.

Nicole Gorton, Director at Robert Half Australia said: “Recruiters often use LinkedIn to help identify passive jobseekers. Jobseekers can increase the likelihood that a recruiter will take a closer look at their profile if they maintain an up-to-date resume and LinkedIn profile.”

Goal #2: Strengthen your skillsets
Even in a skills-short job market, jobseekers need to gain an advantage over the competition. One way is to learn a new skill or earn a certification as some skillsets may need a boost to remain relevant and attractive to employers.

“Pursuing professional development shows initiative and a commitment to learning, as well as an understanding of what it takes to excel in any field. It also makes it easier for jobseekers to convey how they can add value to the organisation.”

Goal #3: Look for a job that makes you happy
According to Robert Half’s research report, It’s Time We All Work Happy®. The Secrets of the Happiest Companies and Employees, Australian’s highest-ranking factors that contribute to workplace happiness are being treated with fairness and respect, having a sense of pride in their organisation and achieving a sense of accomplishment from their work – emphasising the importance for jobseekers of finding a job where they are the right fit. 

“The New Year is a good time for jobseekers to assess professional and personal goals and develop a clear picture in their mind of what would make them happiest in their career. Oftentimes the happiest workers are those that feel fulfilled from the work they do and work with great colleagues.” 

Goal #4: Audit your online and social media presence
Jobseekers should automatically assume employers will review their social media presence to gain a more complete picture of them as a candidate. Therefore, some jobseekers may need to do some digital housekeeping to present themselves in the best possible light on social media and online forums. 

“For jobseekers, if there’s anything on your social media profiles you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see then it’s time to amend or delete that information, or to review your privacy settings.”

Goal #5: Expand your professional network
In addition to submitting applications through recruiting sites and job boards, jobseekers would benefit from expanding their professional network. 

“Events held by professional organisations, conferences, and trade shows are just some examples of where jobseekers can grow their professional network. These gatherings can provide great opportunities for professionals to meet potential employers and recruiters in person and form strong relationships with contacts who may be able to assist in their search for a new job.”


About the research
The research is based on the results of an online survey of more than 2,000 workers in Australia by an independent research company. In analysing the data, a post-sample weighting methodology was used to match respondents by age, gender, education level, occupation/role and job sector. 


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