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HR Manager Salary Guide

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The HR Manager is responsible for employment policies and procedures, overseeing payroll and rewards and recognition programs as well as managing workplace safety initiatives. Along with administering employee-benefit programs, the HR Manager role involves finding, screening, recruiting new job applicants and developing training and development programs for all employees.

HR Manager duties and responsibilities of the job

A standard HR Manager job description should cover in-detail the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Managing company staff, including coordinating and supporting the recruitment process
  • Onboarding newcomers to the company
  • Determining suitable salaries and remuneration
  • Providing the necessary support systems for payroll requirements
  • Developing adequate induction and training
  • Supporting employee opportunities for professional development
  • Managing succession planning of staff
  • Assisting with the performance management and review process

HR Manager job qualifications and requirements

In a highly people-focused role, a HR Manager job description should detail the need for an individual with strong collaboration, communication, negotiation, and interpersonal skills. It is also essential that they are up to date with an understanding of industry awards, current pay rates and industry trends surrounding non-monetary benefits.

Education is a key component for this role. A minimum Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Human Resources or Business would be necessary, along with previous experience in the HR field.

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HR Manager
Inner Suburbs Melbourne
$40 - 45 / hour

Recruitment Manager
Inner Suburbs Melbourne
$90000 - 95000 / annum

People and Culture Manager
Melbourne CBD
$115000 - 125000 / annum

Internal Recruiter
Inner Suburbs Melbourne
$120000 - 150000 / annum

Senior Recruitment Consultant | Finance & Accounting
Perth CBD
$75000 - 90000 / annum

Recruitment Consultant
Brisbane CBD
$100000 - 200000 / annum

Recruitment Consultant / Sales Associate | Sydney CBD
Sydney CBD
$60000 - 60000 / annum

Recruitment Consultant - Mt Waverley
Mount Waverley
$100000 - 150000 / annum

Tech Recruiter
$35.00 - 35.00 / hour

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