Don’t worry, be happy: Important reasons to stop work stress

No matter how wonderful your job or how fulfilling your role, nothing is smooth sailing 100 per cent of the time and there may be occasions when you worry about work. If that sounds like you, take a look at our four stress management tips to ensure you’re in control of your health and wellbeing at work and remain on track for career success.

1. Sleepless nights

There’s nothing worse for a frayed mental state than the exhaustion that stems from a sleepless night. A study conducted by scientists from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health in October 2013 confirmed a powerful link between high levels of anxiety and sleeplessness. Incessant worrying can sap your ability to switch off your brain and enjoy the benefits of a good night’s rest.

That’s why kicking your anxiety habit is such a great way to re-energise.

2. The spiral effect

Have you ever found yourself giving in to the urge to worry and discovering that one damaging thought makes way for the next? That’s because surrendering to this impulse often sparks a spiral effect.

Instead, focus on the positive aspects of your present situation. It’s much more productive and can help you gain enough perspective to tackle the crisis at hand. It’s also proof that the major issues we stress about are often a flash in the pan.

3. Impaired concentration

Your personal energy can see you bounce through each work day but squandering precious energy on tiny obstacles can disrupt the concentration levels needed to get important jobs done. It can also take your focus away from the long-term goals you’ve been working hard to accomplish by switching your attention to things that may be petty or irrelevant.

Set a resolve to stop stressing about the small barriers to your progress – it will empower you to seize the bigger opportunities that come your way.

4. Worrying is counterproductive

It’s pointless to worry over things you can’t fix. That’s why it pays to cast fears aside and embrace the perks that come with having a wonderful job that fuels your personal passion.

It’s much better for your health and wellbeing at work to let go of the things you can’t resolve and pour your efforts into plans you can put into action. You’ll end up loving your work even more!

Make your days count when you love what you do.

Learning the secrets to stress management will make you a happier and more productive employee. Here are more articles on how to stay healthy at work:

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