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The Project Manager within any company is entirely responsible for the planning, design, execution, monitoring and overall communication of any project. The Project Manager will be given a time, budget and quality standard to meet, and they are in charge of making sure these are met. Within the remit of a Project Manager Role is the responsibility to foresee and prevent any risk that might hinder the project in hand. A Project Manager is likely to be responsible for a team of people. This will mean allocating different tasks to different team members and ensuring the whole team remain motivated and co-operative throughout the life span of the project.

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  • Managing and leading the project, and the project’s team
  • Recruiting staff may be a requirement
  • Developing and producing a project plan, including budgets – and ensuring these are adhered to during the lifespan of the project
  • Offering final approval on the design of the project
  • Managing project deliverables, progress and performance, and reporting on the aforementioned to stakeholders
  • Predicting and working to reduce any risks posed to the project
  • Working closely with the other members of the team working on the project
  • Managing and resolving project issues and problems
  • Delivering and reporting on the final project


A Project Manager will need a significant amount of experience to be trusted with such a pivotal role. Some companies may also require a Project Manager to be certified by a professional body.

A degree is advantageous but not essential: various degrees are all highly regarded but different degrees may take precedence depending on the industry of the company.

As a Project Manager, you will be in charge of the entire project so it’s important you display the following qualities:

  • Good management skills as you will be in charge of a team. This will mean great interpersonal skills and the ability to motivate your team
  • Communication skills both written and verbal as you will also be communicating and reporting back to key stakeholders on the status of the project
  • A keen eye for detail and ability to multi-task and delegate
  • Organisational and analytical skills
  • Commercial awareness
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Project Manager salary

A Project Manager earns an average salary per year of: AU$120,875.

Project Manager salaries range from AU$90,000 to AU$157,000.

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