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Robert Half’s Perth team are dedicated to matching job seekers with roles that match their talents. Canning Vale is a much-loved, leafy suburb of Perth, making it the ideal location for people who work in the city but are looking to raise a family outside of it. Submit your resume today to talk about your career opportunities, or search for jobs in Canning Vale.


Located 20 kilometres from Perth’s CBD, Canning Vale is a large suburb that has seen major industrial development in the past few years that shows no sign of decline. The suburb’s local government areas are the City of Canning and City of Gosnells, and it is split into three distinct regions: an industrial area to the north of the rail line, a residential area to the south and a nature reserve to the west.


Canning Vale offers easy access to the city and Perth Airport via its well-honed public transport system: buses link the suburb to Perth CBD, Murdoch University and other suburbs. Major roads and highways connect the suburb to other major suburbs and Perth Airport with ease.


The public infrastructure and parks are well-maintained by the council. Well-designed houses, a whole host of amenities close by and easy access to neighbouring suburbs, the city or airport via car or public transport have made this a particularly sought-after area in Western Australia with a highly-regarded infrastructure.


The suburb has managed to retain its peaceful, family-orientated vibe, with plenty of leafy green areas, delicious eateries, markets and schools. Canning Vale has a reputation for being a safe suburb which is probably what attracted vast quantities of families to the area over the years. The nature reserve and abundance of parks make it a particularly pleasant place for families to enjoy, whilst the shopping facilities at hand also add to its convenience.


Canning Vale is home to a number of mining, freight and transport companies where there are plenty of jobs within administration, finance or engineering amongst other industries. 

Alternatively, Canning Vale is a great choice for people who want to work in Perth’s CBD but would rather live away from the bustling city, especially those with young families, as it’s just a 20 minute drive away from Perth city centre. 

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