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Bankstown is a south-western suburb of Sydney, about 20 kilometres (approximately half an hour’s drive away) from the city centre.


Bankstown’s central business district is located around Bankstown railway station. Bankstown is a major bus interchange for a number of bus services, with services to the city and other significant Sydney suburbs.

Currently, there are proposals for the infrastructure of the suburb to undergo major redevelopment: there are plans for another 36,000 apartments to be built near the train stations on the Bankstown rail line over the next 20 years in a bid to develop this inner-western Sydney corridor.


Bankstown Plaza is the suburb’s core commercial area. The ethnic diversity of this area has led to the development of various restaurants, eateries and cafes. Bankstown is known for its multiculturalism, having one of the most ethnically diverse communities in Australia. Over 60 different languages are recorded as being spoken by residents, with 16.9% of inhabitants registering English as their first language. Typically it is families that make up the Bankstown population, and there are a number of different amenities to cater to this: schools, colleges and a university campus are all in the vicinity. Bankstown Central is a large shopping centre that has various shops including specialty shops to cater to the different ethnic backgrounds. There are also a number of parks within Bankstown that add a little green, open space to an otherwise urbanised suburb.


A lot of Bankstown’s economy is driven by the engineering and maintenance of Bankstown Airport. This means there are employment opportunities across industries such as engineering, administration, accounting and technology. Connected to Bankstown Airport is a thriving business park that contains over 170 businesses.

Jobs in Bankstown

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