Boosting office morale: Easy ways to inspire your employees

How to create a team who feel inspired and share a sense of happiness at work each day is a question all hiring managers grapple with.

For most employees, the office is their home away from home. It’s where they spend most of their week. But is it a place where they are happy? A place they are empowered and enjoy a sense of accomplishment? A healthy dose of acknowledgement can go a long way to boost team morale and help your employees embrace their workplace.

Innovative companies, such as Google know exactly how to inspire a team and have implemented original employee perks like games rooms; on-site massages and free food that help to make staff teams feel valued. Other organisations offer free health care or childcare within the building or close by. These sweeteners may represent a cost to the business, but they act as powerful incentives to fuel employee happiness – driving productivity as well as enhancing retention rates. Consider introducing these office perks into your workplace and expect the benefits to roll in for everyone.

Are you wondering how to inspire your team? Read our tips below with ideas you can implement to create a work happy environment:

Leave-work-early day

Who doesn’t like an early mark? It’s the ultimate motivator to work smart throughout the day and head off a little earlier than normal to let your team enjoy the other things that bring happiness to their lives – spending extra time with the kids, go for a run or simply relish bypassing the peak hour commute. Implement a roster for your employees to leave early once a month and you’ll see happy faces all around. It doesn’t cost much to the business yet it offers joy and rewards for your whole team. If that doesn’t work, consider implementing work-from-home days or flexible hours for those who need them.

Birthday-leave day

Another program considered effective by forward-thinking companies to boost team morale is to giving employees an extra day of annual leave for their birthday. It’s a simple gesture, but one that means a lot to workers who may have family or partners they’d love to spend the day with. If a leave day is not possible, go out of your way to make sure employees feel loved on their birthday with cake, flowers or a staff lunch to make the whole team feel special.

Establish feedback forums

If you’re not sure how to inspire a team – go straight to the source! When it comes to building a happy workplace, one where your team really enjoy being, it’s worth listening to the people in the engine room – and that’s your workers. Do you provide open, non-judgemental feedback forums for employees? Listening to your employees’ ideas and acting on them will instil trust and confidence in your leadership.

Consider setting up feedback sessions every fortnight or month where employees can offer up their ideas. Also, make sure you share critical information and financial data with staff when possible, and teach them what that material means – they’ll feel empowered by this knowledge. Keep your employees informed about the business and how you’re acting on their feedback, and they’ll feel valued and motivated to invest time and effort in their role.

Change the scenery

Providing a change of scenery can prove incredibly useful in bringing happiness to the workplace you provide. These days, the selection of team-building exercises is seriously diverse, ranging from diving with sharks and laser tag to cooking classes and murder-mystery nights. Getting employees to think differently about work and how they relate to each other can bring renewed energy and focus to their daily routine. Off-site exercises can also bring underlying tensions to the surface, which may seem negative at first, but it provides a constructive environment in which to resolve any issues. By engaging a professional off-site facilitator, your results will be even more positive.

Be charitable

Helping others can be incredibly fulfilling and uplifting, but trying to donate or raise funds on your own can be challenging. Ask your team to suggest a few charities or causes that are close to their hearts and band together to organise a fundraising activity. Whether it’s selling cakes, holding a wear-a-hat day or organising a charity walk involving your entire company, you’ll find that helping others can be a truly productive, positive way to boost team morale and help your people love what they do.

Implementing these approaches will show your team that you value their effort as well as their personal lives. The disincentive can be the time it takes to set up these programs and keep them humming along, but put your delegation skills to the test. If you share your end goals – to make your company a cool place to work – it’s likely that people will gladly help you establish processes in which these innovations can flourish.

Want to learn how to inspire a team? Watch our slideshare below '6 tips for improving office morale':

Employees want to feel valued and it’s often the simple things that go a long way and act as powerful incentives to keep employees happy and more productive. Consider introducing these six trends to your workplace and expect office morale and employee motivation to improve.

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