Business Intelligence Analyst job description guide

Anyone working within Business Intelligence is integral in developing the vision and overall rationale of a company. A Business Intelligence Analyst will work with various teams within the company to establish priorities and manage expectations with regards to the collection, review and deployment of data. This data is crucial to determining response methods to company performance or external trends that may affect the company.

Business Intelligence Analyst duties and responsibilities of the job

A Business Intelligence Analyst job description is recommended to include the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Working with the IT Team to launch new hardware and software
  • Creating policies and procedures regarding collating and analysing data
  • Critically evaluating and screening data, plus profiling to identify any issues
  • Developing new data analysis processes
  • Assessing analytics on an ongoing basis
  • Overseeing the data warehouse, including the collection and utilisation of all data
  • Extending knowledge of Business Intelligence to provide ongoing refinement of processes to improve operations

Business Intelligence job qualifications and requirements

A Business Intelligence Analyst job description should highlight a minimum Bachelor requirement in:

  • Business
  • Business Intelligence

Prior work experience in a Business Intelligence capacity would also be beneficial to highlight. The specific type of skills required for Business Intelligence will vary depending on the size of a company and its operations. However, any candidate applying should be able to demonstrate a high level of analytic and problem-solving skills to sift through complex data and critical information for the company.

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