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At Robert Half we partner with businesses to provide hiring advice in a range of areas including management and employer advice, employment contracts, and employee engagement. Our expert recruitment consultants aim to help you build and maintain effective staffing strategies to help strengthen and engage your workforce and give you the competitive edge over your industry leaders. 

Even if you don’t have a job vacancy at the moment, we are happy to assist you with day to day hiring advice and management tips on the range of workplace issues you face in your department. From attraction and retention to creating an effective employer brand and employee engagement strategy, assessing salaries and remuneration packages - access our hiring and employer advice articles below:

Employer Advice on Attracting Staff

Hiring the best people

If you’re searching for new staff, browse our selection of tips and recruiting advice for hiring managers, including how to attract high calibre candidates.

Advice when hiring staff

Competency-based interviews

A successful interview technique can take years to develop even with extensive interview training, read our overview on how you can use the competency-based interview technique to hire top talent.

Staff retention

Employee retention strategies

Hiring new staff is just the start - now how do you keep them engaged? Get practical advice on boosting staff morale and motivation, find out why employees stay with an organisation and top tips on how to retain your key employees.

Leadership Skills

How to write a job description

Learning how to write an effective job description is an absolute must for any hiring manager - use our job description template advice to maximise your application rate.

Staff retention

Robert Half Salary Guides

Are you hiring new staff and need guidance on salary expectations? Use the Robert Half Salary Guide to find out average salaries for the roles you are hiring for and how to negotiate salaries with new starters.

Leadership Skills

Do your staff love what they do?

According to new research, only 62% of Australian employees are currently engaged in the workplace. Visit our 'Love what you do' employer advice section with helpful tips on what makes your staff happy, and how you can help them love what they do.

We also have an in depth collection of recruitment advice on our worklife blog including articles on employee engagement, staff strategies and leadership tips; or to access our latest video content visit the Robert Half YouTube Channel.



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