Career development: Why it’s important to keep learning

If you believe learning should be left to high school students and undergraduates, you might want to think again. It is important to invest in skills and knowledge, as ongoing education can transform your professional life and career development trajectory by exposing you to new opportunities and providing exciting sources of inspiration.

Here are some useful ways to keep learning to progress your career.

Stay abreast of industry trends

Whether you oversee a financial services firm or head up a public relations agency, you’re sure to have witnessed the ways in which technology can impact your firm’s business model and customer relationships. By making an ongoing commitment to self-education, combined with online courses, seminars and professional workshops, you’ll be well-placed to understand how to capitalise on industry changes to enhance your skills and develop your career.

Anticipate opportunities for innovation

It’s much harder to identify opportunities to innovate if you don’t take time out to learn a new discipline, acquire a skill set or simply step away from your office from time to time. Making learning part of your daily routine can help you consider your business from a new angle – a factor that can reveal fresh ideas and inspire projects. Cultivating your knowledge base can also help you see unexpected parallels between industries, tap into new markets or set the stage for partnerships that you may not have considered previously. Spotting the growth points in your existing business can also help you secure valuable career growth and development opportunities.

Lift your inspiration quotient

So you’ve always dreamed of taking a drawing, language or photography course, but believe it has zero relevance to your job? Luckily, your learning path doesn’t have to align exactly with your professional interests for it to reap rewards. Enrolling in an evening class or registering for a part-time degree in a field outside your own can broaden your perspective and boost your personal growth. This can also bring new energy to your role, set your productivity levels soaring and help you better connect with your organisation.

Chart your own course

Taking responsibility for your learning and professional development can boost your marketability and confidence, but it can also help you take command of your own professional ship. Being proactive about your education can empower you to make challenging career decisions – whether they include angling for a promotion, spearheading a new division or switching to a new industry altogether.

Although a focus on career development can often get buried under workplace demands, prioritising your own education is a vital step towards achieving personal and vocational gains. Ultimately, challenging yourself is the key to enriching your job, achieving your ambitions and ensuring your next career moves are in line with your professional growth.

Upskilling is important to your career development if you want to stay competitive in today’s competitive environment.  That’s why at Robert Half, we offer our candidates access to our eLearning portal. Register with Robert Half and access our free online training program today. For more information on developing your career read our related articles

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