Administration interview questions

If you’re looking for a job in administration, be prepared to carry out a wide range of tasks. This could include answering phones, filing documents, data entry, preparing reports, organising meetings and much more.

If you’ve managed to secure yourself an interview, that’s great news! However, before you turn up to your interview, make sure you are prepared. As well as re-reading the job specifications, you should be doing your research on the business and industry, whilst considering some of the questions you may get asked.

Administration assistant interview questions:

There will be some generic job interview questions you should think about, but here we share seven admin interview questions you may get asked. We’ve also provided our tips on how to best answer these admin interview questions effectively in a job interview.

1. What experience do you have in admin?

This is a very broad question, so make sure you don’t just blurt out an answer straight away. Take a few moments to consider all the events that have led to you being in this interview. With these types of admin interview questions, a good place to start is at your first, most relevant experience, working through to your current job. Make sure you communicate all the information, but in short, concise points, so you keep the interviewer's attention. Mention your transferable skills, as well as technical skills and any relevant qualifications you have gained.

2. Tell me what technology you’re experienced with

In an admin role, you will need to be proficient with technology. You may therefore be asked various interview questions in relation to your technical skills. Be honest with the interviewer as you don’t want to be caught out at a later point. If there’s something you can’t do, make it clear that you’re open to learning and are interested in developing your skills. When explaining the skills you do have, backup your claims by explaining how you have obtained them, i.e. through self-learning, online courses, or professional bodies.

3. What would your most recent boss say about your ability to do your job?

Instead of asking for your opinion of yourself, this question asks about what your boss thinks of you. Think back to any reviews you’ve had with your boss or feedback you have received. Ensure you relay this across to the interviewer clearly and as accurately as possible. Don’t make feedback up, as you can be caught out through your references. If there is any negative feedback, be honest, but turn it into a positive by explaining what steps you have taken since to improve.

4. How do you manage stressful situations?

The role of an Administrator can be stressful from time to time, for example when you find yourself balancing lots of deadlines. The interviewer will be interested in how you deal with stress, i.e. whether your fight or flight instinct kicks in.

To answer this question, explain how you would deal with stressful situations and what steps you would take to ensure the scenarios don’t present themselves in the first place. Don’t forget to share examples that can relate to the job you are interviewing for.

5. What tools do you use to stay organised?

As an Administrator, you will often have to balance lots of different tasks and responsibilities, for different people, all at once. It’s therefore important to stay organised. However, there are now an increasing number of tools that can be used to help. This question therefore also tests whether you are confident using technology and understand how it can benefit you within your role.

Consider some of the tools you use during your work, such as Google Docs to easily share documents whilst managing version control, or tools such as Asana, to view projects, manage tasks and set deadlines. Don’t forget to explain why you use each of the tools and how you feel they could help you in this new role.

6. Have there been times when you have gone above and beyond?

An interviewer will ask this question to establish whether you always complete the task that you have been assigned to, or whether you go the extra mile.

Make sure you have a strong answer ready, as this could really help put you in a good position for securing the job. Think about whether you are proactive in your work, put in extra time when needed, or bring additional skills to the job beyond administration.

7. What are your greatest professional strengths and weaknesses?

When answering these admin interview questions, make sure you consider all your strengths and how these can be an asset to the business you’re applying for a role at. Whilst you may be reluctant to share your weaknesses, it’s a question that often comes up in interviews. Pick one of your smaller weaknesses and keep it positive. Focus on how you have learnt from your weakness and as a result, have improved professionally.

Don’t forget to consider some of the more generic admin interview questions you may get asked too, such as why you’re leaving your current role and why the interviewer should choose you over other candidates. Remember to ensure you give relevant examples of your capabilities to the job position you’re applying for.

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