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Whether you're a jobseeker or employer, the Robert Half blog is your one-stop destination for tips, advice and insight you can use to hire engaged and productive workers or land a challenging and fulfilling job. We also offer new research about the workplace and the latest insights into the Australian employment market. Learn from Robert Half’s expert recruiters about how you can build a talented team of employees or advance your career forward.

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6 tips to help you hire great admin staff

Quality administration staff are essential to the smooth running of any business. Despite a recent slight downturn in jobs for administration and support staff, it's essential to be prepared for hiring demands in this sector. Follow our six steps to find the best people for your admin staff.

6 ways to engage unhappy administrative staff

Your administrative team is critical to the success of your employees and, in turn, your business. This blog takes a look at what influences the happiness level of many administrative staff and review some employee engagement strategies that can keep it high.

6 signs you're stuck in a dead end job

You’re stuck in a dead-end job, and they call it that for a reason: You're going to stay there unless you consciously steer your work life in a whole new direction. Find out what measures you can take to reset your career on the right path.

5 tips to spread smiles in the office on International Day of Happiness

March 20 marks the ultimate feel good event - International Day of Happiness. Yet busy workplaces, tight deadlines and heavy workloads can sometimes lead to the value of happiness being overlooked. We explain five ways to use this day to spread happiness and foster a positive workplace vibe.

The 5 hidden costs of a good work ethic

A strong work ethic is highly praised and sought after in the professional world. However, there are times where it doesn’t seem to pay off. What are some of the hidden costs of a good work ethic?