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Whether you're a jobseeker or employer, the Robert Half blog is your one-stop destination for tips, advice and insight you can use to hire engaged and productive workers or land a challenging and fulfilling job. We also offer new research about the workplace and the latest insights into the Australian employment market. Learn from Robert Half’s expert recruiters about how you can build a talented team of employees or advance your career forward.

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Can your second choice for a technology specialist be the right choice?

When Australia’s top technology specialists are out of reach, and this competitive environment shows no signs of slowing, how do employers ensure they secure capable people? Find out from two employers who are looking further into Australia’s talent pool to build their best IT teams yet.

Is staff training really worth the time and costs?

While the cost of staff training is often high and at the expense of the company, the investment can still add value if employees take away new skills or renew their sense of belonging and loyalty to the company.

9 steps to creating a healthy workplace in Australia

In almost every company, there is scope to improve the well-being and happiness of their staff. With that in mind, here are nine ideas to instigate change, with a view to creating a healthier workplace for your employees.

How to become a CEO: What makes a great chief executive?

As the highest ranking executive officer of a company, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) sets the strategy and future direction of a business. For those with their eyes on the top job, find out how to become a CEO with our top tips.

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