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Whether you're a jobseeker or employer, the Robert Half blog is your one-stop destination for tips, advice and insight you can use to hire engaged and productive workers or land a challenging and fulfilling job. We also offer new research about the workplace and the latest insights into the Australian employment market. Learn from Robert Half’s expert recruiters about how you can build a talented team of employees or advance your career forward.

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Hiring and the halo-effect trap

Smart hiring managers know how to recognise and avoid the halo effect, so they don't end up hiring the wrong person. Here's how.

How to follow when your boss gets promoted

One of best ways to climb the career ladder is to latch on to your boss and move up when they do. Find out how to get promoted and follow your boss.

How to keep tabs on your team

How do you keep tabs on your team without breathing down their necks? Give them some space by following these 4 effective team management steps.

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