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Whether you're a jobseeker or employer, the Robert Half blog is your one-stop destination for tips, advice and insight you can use to hire engaged and productive workers or land a challenging and fulfilling job. We also offer new research about the workplace and the latest insights into the Australian employment market. Learn from Robert Half’s expert recruiters about how you can build a talented team of employees or advance your career forward.

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How to say no to a reference request without offending

Have you been asked to provide a reference, but for one reason or another, you can’t recommend them? Discover three reasons to decline a reference request and learn how to say no politely.

Should I quit my job? – 8 signs to watch out for

How do you know when to stay in your current role and when it’s the right time to move on towards a new opportunity? Find out more about when is the right time to ask, “should I quit my job?”

CA vs CPA: Which accounting qualification is right for you?

When it comes to accounting qualifications, the CA and CPA are regarded as some of the best to give your accounting career a competitive edge. But which one should YOU choose when it comes to the career path you're looking at?

3 vital reasons to hire a Business Intelligence Analyst today

How important is business intelligence to your company? If you haven’t asked this question, then it’s time to learn more about BI and why you shouldn’t put off hiring a Business Intelligence Analyst.

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