Why you should involve staff in the hiring process

Why you should involve staff in the hiring process

Good managers know that a cohesive team is the key to productivity, and they know what a disaster it is to have a team member who sours the mix.

The problem is that, once hired, it is very hard to get rid of an employee these days. This can often be solved before it begins by involving the rest of the team in the hiring process.

Such a process can be most readily achieved through giving the team the opportunity to interview the shortlisted candidates. Doing so has numerous advantages. It gives the team an opportunity to determine who will be a good fit, gives the candidate the chance to see how they will fit in, and it provides the team with a sense of empowerment and responsibility. That way, if things go wrong then the whole team is invested in sorting out the problem. 

The other advantage is that a team interview reveals far more about a candidate than a single person could ever unearth. You get to see how they relate to others, face challenges and respond to pressure. It also establishes upfront the culture of your organisation in the candidate’s mind, which can greatly speed up the assimilation process as well as reduce ‘resistance’ from current team members.

Obviously such interviews need rules and standards, and it will take valuable hours, but the time investment can really pay off in lower turnover and higher productivity. Don’t stop with new team members either. Giving staff the opportunity to take part in the hiring of their bosses can also yield huge dividends and prevent big problems down the track.

Next time you hire, consider how involving your staff might prevent the need to fire.

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