Why you should get to know your employees

How a little effort can go a long way

You spend the majority of your daylight hours together in the same office but how well do you really know your team?

A personal touch can go a long way in helping you get to know the people who work for you.

Here are three top tips to help build a bridge between you and them and improve staff retention:

  1. Without coming across like you are being nosey, ask about their hobbies and family life. Learning a little about your staff as individuals will make them feel recognised and included.
  2. Show compassion when an employee is going through a personal crisis. Identifying when a staff member is having a tough time and offering them support and understanding will help lift their morale.
  3. Note down birthdays and other important events in your team’s lives so that you don’t forget. It will make them feel special and part of a team.

Small gestures like offering a team member time off when they are going through a personal crisis or simply arranging a birthday cake for them that make all the difference. Happy teams are productive teams.  

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