When personal problems spill into your workplace

There might be a fine line between business and pleasure, but the same can sometimes apply when it comes to business and pain. In fact, most of us have experienced the conflict that’s sparked when personal issues wreak havoc with a work routine.

But whether you’re coping with a relationship breakdown or dealing with a sick parent, being an effective worker doesn’t have to mean swallowing your feelings for good.

Here are three career advice strategies for preventing emotional hazards from impacting your next performance review.

Have an honest conversation with your boss

Personal problems can impact your energy and concentration levels – factors that can put a pin in your productivity and affect the quality of your work. That’s why it’s worth scheduling a meeting with your boss and informing him or her that your lack of focus stems from issues in your personal life. Whether it’s putting you in touch with a staff counsellor or organising a colleague to ease some of your deadlines, a good manager will make an effort to lighten your load. In most cases, it’s worth putting your pride aside to keep your manager in the loop.

Resist the urge to overshare

When you’re overwhelmed, it’s easy to spill your private dramas to your co-workers, but it’s more professional to reserve these confessions for those you really trust. Having supportive colleagues in your workplace can work wonders for your ability to face your crisis, but it’s equally important to maintain boundaries between your emotional issues and your professional self.

Take some well-deserved time off

If you find yourself fending off fits of tears or bouts of aggression, it’s wise to organise some time away from your desk. Taking personal leave can help you recuperate and regain the positive mindset that’s key to tackling emotional challenges. Scheduling time to rest can help you bounce back stronger and more capable than ever.

If you find your personal problems affecting work, it’s important to stop pushing emotions aside and take this career advice into account. Speaking with your employer, trusting your instincts and taking steps to look after yourself can improve your productivity – and peace of mind.

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