What do you look for when negotiating a salary package?

What do you look for when negotiating a salary package?

Do you dread approaching your manger about a salary increase? Would you feel uncomfortable when salary negotiations are brought up in conversation? Well it’s not uncommon. A survey by Harvard Business Review revealed that out of 1100 respondents – 58 per cent felt uncomfortable having this discussion.

If you’re looking to negotiate a wage increase with your current employer or a great salary package in a new job, then the Robert Half Salary Guide is the ideal place to start. It provides current salary ranges for your role, as well as information about your industry’s future focuses and the required skills.

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Here's how the Salary Guide can help you through salary negotiations.

Get an idea of what you’re worth

Sometimes it’s hard to know what your skills and experience are worth. That’s where the Salary Guide comes in. Look up your role (or a similar role) to see the recommended wage range based on thousands of filled positions, job interviews and extensive industry research. It’s good to have a clear starting point when going into salary negotiations. You need to have a clear view on what a competitive salary is for your role.

It’s not just about money

The Salary Guide also goes into detail about non-monetary options that employees might choose to negotiate. These could include telecommuting, flexible working hours, training opportunities, a company laptop or mobile phone, or additional holidays. Some of these items could be just as valuable to you, your job and your lifestyle – if not more so – than a salary increase.

Identify other skills you need

The Salary Guide includes an analysis of the skills and experiences that are valuable to employees and employers in the areas of administration, finance and technology. If you see some gaps between the skills in demand and the skills you possess, you might like to negotiate some training into your package. Gaining additional expertise will make you more valuable to the organisation, help you become qualified for a promotion or pay rise, or give you a jump-start for your next role.

Focus on what’s important

It’s unwise to go into a salary negotiation with unquantifiable demands. The Salary Guide gives you a basis for what you’d like to focus on and, most importantly, why those requests are reasonable and will be useful to the organisation. Try choosing a couple of elements that are really important to you, prepare some logical reasons why the employer should consider them and do your best to find a win-win solution together.

The negotiation process is your opportunity to tailor your employment and salary package to fit your needs, and the Robert Half Salary Guide is a great resource to help you get started.

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