What to do before and after a job interview

What to do before and after a job interview

Now that you’ve landed the interview, it’s your chance to show the company that you’re the best person for the job. The following tips for before and after will give you a leading edge over the competition.

Interview advice

To prepare for the interview, ask for details of the interview structure, i.e., who will be interviewing you, for how long, and how many other candidates are there? If you need more information about the organisation, ask for it at this early stage. You can never over-prepare for an interview. At a basic level, most interviews will head off down one of two paths:

  1. The interviewer describes the job and the organisation to you before asking you to talk about yourself. This type has the advantage of allowing you time to settle down and get a feel for the personality of the interviewer(s). The disadvantage lies in the possibility of new information emerging about which you might be expected to answer questions.
  2. The interviewer puts you ‘on stage’ straightaway by asking you what attracted you to the position and why you would be a suitable candidate. This approach requires you to make an immediate impact and to talk without the benefit of an established rapport. On the up side, it gives you two chances to sell yourself – at the start of the interview and again at the questions stage.

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Follow up

Here are three post-interview to-dos that will help you make a lasting impression:

  • Always write an interview thank you email afterwards.
  • Re-affirm your continued interest in the note and say that you hope you will be called back for a further discussion.
  • If your application is unsuccessful, don’t be afraid to call and ask for feedback. This can be invaluable advice to inform your next round of applications.

Take these steps and you’re one step closer to landing your next dream job. Good luck!

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