What businesses can learn from the values of the Commonwealth Games

There’s no denying that the 2014 Commonwealth Games is among the highly anticipated sporting events of the year.

However, this elite international sporting carnival, which showcases the abilities of athletes from 71 countries and prides itself on values such as trust, openness and integrity, also offers powerful learning opportunities for businesses.

Here are five Commonwealth Game takeaways bound to elevate your management practices and pave the way for future success.

Make transparency a religion

For Commonwealth Games organisers, fostering performances at the highest level calls for total transparency when it comes to processes. From assigning sprinters racing lanes according to handicaps to clarifying spending details, the event’s coordinators understand the relationship between transparency and credibility. In business, maintaining clear and consistent policies and remaining accountable to clients and shareholders are central to building relationships that last. Ultimately, choosing transparency over opportunism is key to building solid brand values that reap long-term rewards.

Trust your teammates

Whether it’s relying on your partner to return a difficult shot during a badminton match or working with your teammates to set up a football goal, the Commonwealth Games is a lesson in how teamwork can spark success that’s more than the sum of its parts. When you’re running a company, it can be challenging to put faith in your colleagues rather than completing a task by yourself. However, letting go of the need to control everything and believing in your teammates’ abilities can set the stage for collective growth.

Maintain your integrity at all costs

The Commonwealth Games is known for its strict anti-corruption measures and a zero-tolerance policy towards cheating and doping. This stance ensures that the event adheres to the highest standards and that athletes partake in a competition that’s equitable. Although business owners might be tempted to play favourites with a colleague or grant a promotion to the most charismatic staff member rather than a quiet achiever, embracing fair management practices is important for maintaining morale and forging trust. Integrity can often mark out an exemplary company culture from one that’s simply mediocre.

Understand the power of creativity

The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games recently announced plans to invest in a £4 million cultural program for artists and arts organisations to showcase Scotland’s culture and fund trailblazing projects and events. This move aims to capitalise on the energy associated with the global competition and promote creativity alongside sport. For businesses, the daily routine of rushing towards deadlines and delivering projects can see innovation end up on the back burner. But whether it’s granting an hour or day for employees to work on imaginative side projects or supporting staff attempts to further their personal development, prioritising creativity can work wonders for productivity and inspiration levels.

The Commonwealth Games might be essential viewing for sports obsessives, but it also offers business leaders compelling ways to grow, learn and revitalise their team.

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