What business owners can learn from the World Cup

In June this year, Sao Paulo – a sprawling Brazilian metropolis known for its 11-million-strong population – will host the opening match of the biggest gathering of elite football players in the world. And although the World Cup is a magnet for football enthusiasts, it also serves up important lessons for business owners, as well as effective approaches to common challenges – both on and off the field.

Here are the four most compelling takeaways from the World Cup.

Embrace a global approach

Whether you’re a die-hard supporter of Argentina, insist on barracking for England or wear the green and gold all month long, the World Cup fosters a fan base spanning nearly every corner of the world. And the fact that the event draws strength from its international focus is powerful motivation for business owners interested in driving growth through global expansion. For many companies, technological acceleration has made it easier than ever to build relationships with suppliers based around the globe. Taking a global outlook also means opening up the business to endless opportunities without being limited by national borders and barriers.

Keep your goals in clear view

Before participating in the World Cup, players must undergo a rigorous training regimen to ensure they perform at their best. By preparing their bodies for the physical challenge of a World Cup match, elite athletes make sure they’re in prime position to succeed. For business owners, this training process is an important reminder of the value of preparation when it comes to kicking big goals. Whether it’s launching into a new market or delivering a labour-intensive project within a limited time frame, the World Cup is proof that preparation is key to tackling every challenge.

Make fun a part of your business strategy

If you’ve ever watched a World Cup game, it’s clear that the athletes take their sport seriously, but they’re not afraid to smile, joke around with teammates and have fun. This highlights the ways in which enjoying the work you do can stop you from crumbling under pressure and empower you to take pleasure in the process.

Inspire your employees to work as a team

From Iran’s first and only victory at a World Cup to the game that saw Croatia dominate Germany for the first time, the World Cup has always been a study in the value of sportsmanship and the power of putting individual interests aside to work as a team. For business leaders, building a team-oriented culture is essential to creating a happy, productive workplace and kicking serious goals. The World Cup offers a powerful example of the ways in which working together is key to casting aside limitations and helping a business soar.

Whether it’s on-field camaraderie or a global focus, the World Cup provides essential takeaways for getting a business to reach new heights. What aspect of the world’s greatest football tournament inspires you the most?

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