Understanding the 10 Cs of employee engagement

Motivate your team with the 10 Cs of employee engagement, which have been mapped out by Professor of Organisational Behaviour, Gerard Seijts, and Doctoral student, Dan Crim. According to research from Aon, only 62 per cent of Australian employees are currently engaged in the workplace. So, use these 10 Cs of employee engagement to motivate and inspire your staff.

1. Connect

To really give employees an incentive to care about your business, you need to show them you value their work and their opinions. Take the time to connect with staff on an individual level whenever possible, and remember that a personal investment is often worth more than a financial one.

2. Career

No one wants to stay static, so offering your staff clear opportunities for growth and advancement gives them something to strive for. Good managers know how to offer employees challenges, but also to ensure they're equipped and confident enough in their own abilities to meet them.

3. Clarity

It's hard for employees to give their all if they don't have a clear idea of where the business is going or what the overall goals are. Share your vision with the whole company and ensure that even the smallest cog in the wheel knows why it's turning and how its contribution can help.

4. Convey

Make the most of employee potential by paying attention to their skills and weaknesses and sharing your findings. Instructive and constructive feedback creates opportunity for growth and gives employees the chance to improve their abilities to meet daily tasks.

5. Congratulate

Ensure that your feedback is just as noticeable when it’s good as when it's bad. A timely acknowledgement of a job well done can be a huge boost to staff morale – never forget that recognition is something most employees crave over and above other perks.

6. Contribute

Find a way to measure and share the impact that one individual's efforts have on the business and watch engagement improve before your eyes. Let employees feel their own value and allow them to see how their contribution can help the business as a whole.

7. Control

Who doesn't want to know they have some control over their own destiny? Put the power to map out and plan a career path in the hands of your employees and allow them to create the kind of work life balance they need. Be accommodating where you can and, when faced with problems, let staff become the authors of their own solutions.

8. Collaborate

For a business to succeed, you need staff members who can function as part of a team. What's more, the better those team relationships are, the better performance will be. Reward strong team players and find ways to foster powerful feelings of community.

9. Credibility

Employees want to be proud of their place of work, so do your best to make it easy for them. Strive for excellence in all areas of your business, keep an eye on your reputation and shout about your successes so that staff can share in the honours.

10. Confidence

On the same note, it is crucial that your employees believe not only in the company, but in your ability to run it. Exhibit confidence and dedication towards making your business the best it can be and staff will be willing to work hard to help you achieve success. Work towards creating a workplace environment that celebrates employees and their innate abilities – you'll soon find their engagement levels improving. Are you the kind of leader who finds it easy to implement the 10 Cs? Take our leadership quiz and find out.

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