Twitter and the 140-character CV: Will it catch on?

Keeping your resume truly short and sweet.

Companies and recruitment agencies have long embraced the use of Twitter to promote new roles. However, more recently, it’s jobseekers who have come to use the social media platform to promote themselves – specifically to share their resumes in 140 characters or in a six-second video.

It’s an unusual approach, perhaps best suited to jobs in the creative, digital or social media industries. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some worthwhile lessons to take from it.

Use social media to support your job hunting

So you may not tweet your CV, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use social media to support your job application. Whether it’s a tweet to flag that you’ll be applying for a role or asking a question via LinkedIn on their Company Page, subtly promoting your interest in a role may help get your name noticed.

Keep it concise

The ‘less is more’ philosophy is a good one to follow when crafting your CV. Although 140 characters is a little too concise, invest some time in giving your resume a good edit. Cull anything that doesn’t add to your application or directly address the job criteria. As a general rule, a resume that is over three to four pages in length is too long.

Be creative

Sure, tweeting your resume is a creative way to apply for a role, but creativity exists in many forms. Consider how you can best apply some to your own application – whether it’s the design of your CV, the language or presentation of your cover letter, or the medium through which you apply.

Although you might not use Twitter to apply for a job, do consider that potential employers may view your social media profiles during the recruitment process. So make sure yours are up-to-date and looking professional.

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