Top interview dos and don’ts

Top interview dos and don’ts

Simple steps to help you ace your next interview

Regardless of how many job interviews you have attended, they never get easier. Every organisation is different, never mind the individuals you have to impress. And it can be exhausting adapting and extolling your virtues to fit the company and role for which you are vying.

Here a few simple job interview tips to remember to alleviate some of those pre-interview nerves and clear your mind for the task ahead.


  • Make eye contact.
  • Remember your CV details.
  • Make a note of your questions if you think you might forget them.
  • Remember that interviewers have to convince you that you should join a company just as much as you need them to employ you.


  • Interrupt the interviewer.
  • Smoke before your interview.
  • Volunteer your weaknesses.

A successful job interview relies partly on thorough preparation and partly on thoughtful responses to questions on the day. In addition to following these simple rules, you can demonstrate a lot to your interviewers with your own questions and an effective follow-up. Good luck!

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