Tinder for business (and other useful networking apps)

For singles, Tinder might mean bunches of flowers and nervous waits in restaurants, but the dating app has another side to it. Forget about romance when you swipe your potential matches to the right and you could be making the perfect business connection.

Tinder as a business tool

As a networking tool for business relationships, Tinder is surprisingly useful. The streamlined dating app displays a limited amount of information about a potential partner in the first instance. You then decide whether to ignore them by swiping to the left or find out more with a swipe to the right.

Tinder encourages speedy decisions and gut reactions, and the private chat room you enter if and when you and your match both swipe right also allows individuals to connect on a personal level (it’s designed to help you find love, after all).

This immediacy takes away the corporate persona often adopted on some of the more traditional business-networking apps and offers an alternative route to the kind of connections that could last a lifetime.

Networking apps for boosting your assets

Launched as an alternative to the Tinder experience, Networkr has a very similar interface but is entirely dedicated to creating professional relationships – so you'll never have to worry about giving someone the wrong impression.

Let’s app is another useful download, especially if you're already addicted to LinkedIn. Like Tinder, Let’s app encourages actual interaction rather than a simple multiplying of contacts. The app finds people nearby and gives you the chance to vet suggestions, so you connect only if both parties are interested.

If you spend a lot of time in the air, turn travelling to your next business meeting into a networking opportunity by downloading Planely. The app will check if there's anyone else on your flight who might make a good contact and immediately puts you in touch.

Networking is, after all, about creating real connections, and although apps are excellent for getting the process started, it's the way you foster the relationship that's the real test.

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